Why won’t Google Maps Open, Doesn’t Work or Has It Stopped? How to fix this problem

Most of the applications that we can use through our smartphones allow us to solve complex situations. And in this case we want to name the different functions of Google Maps that among one of the many it has, allows you to share or send your location in real time.

The truth is that we get used to the use of these tools that if they failed, our world would turn into chaos. And it is for this reason that we want to teach you what to do if Google Maps does not open, does not work or has stopped.

Google Maps is a wonderful application and allows us to know not only our location, it is also possible to save a location or route. We can also measure distances between two cities and even a stolen mobile can be tracked . These are just some of the countless options that we can use from the mobile with this App

But how annoying it must be that when you want to use the Google Maps App , to locate where you left the car parked and the application presents this failure. A situation that does not seem to have a solution, since we do not have the slightest idea of ​​what to do. But do not worry, you have come to the right place and we will explain shortly what are the corrections you should take.

Solution to the crash when Google Maps does not open, does not work or has stopped

These types of failures can have various causes and below we will explain what they can be and the actions to take to be able to solve them. And to begin we will tell you that one of the most common faults that Google Maps presents. It has to do with the inability to load the map, when you want to know where a particular address is located.

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And instead you receive a message with the following information “This page cannot load Google Maps correctly” . When these types of errors occur, it is important that you know that this problem is not due to some fault present in your smartphone. And it is related to the website, so in this sense you will have to wait for them to solve this problem.

Therefore, what we can recommend is that you do not use the Google App and instead go to your search engine to make use of the web version of Google Maps . In this way you will have access to the maps and thus you will know the direction to which you want to go. Remember that what is failing is the update of the maps in the Google Maps App and not the platform.

Solutions to common Google Maps glitches

Now we will touch on one of the most frequent errors that usually occurs in Google Maps and it is the GPS icon that shows your location is in red. It also shows the question mark. And this simply tells you that it is not possible to access your location and the cause of this problem has to do with the permissions to display this information.

So the way to get to correct this fault may be simpler than you think and it is about allowing the Google Maps application to show your location on the map. And to do this, do the following, click on the button and this action will ask you for permission to show your location.

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And simply give the application permission so that it can show your current location on the screen and thus eliminate the red dot and the question mark. Although you can also get there by the following route Settings> Applications> Google Maps> Permissions> Location and finally “Activate location permission”.

Another type of common failure in Google Maps has to do with the fact that the App has stopped responding and for this you simply have to click on the “Wait” option. But if the error persists, you just have to close the application or open it again. You can also uninstall and reinstall it, but in other cases with restarting the smartphone you will have.

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