Why does my Mobile Only Charge When I Connect the USB Cable to my PC or Computer? How to solve it

If when connecting your mobile device to a PC you find the option only to “charge only” this is more common than it seems, you just have to verify that everything is working correctly either from the cell phone or from the computer.

First check if your PC does not detect the only load and solve it , since on many occasions this inconvenient problem occurs there, either due to some configuration, system error or even a virus on the computer.

Then you can proceed to check the cell phone battery this does not hurt. Many users comment and wonder why the mobile only works with the charger connected , the answer is that it is probably due to a battery failure so it will only work by charging.

Likewise, the mobile device can work by charging normally from its charger or from the PC but to work from the computer you must make the PC recognize the cell phone first after fulfilling this function and you proceed to use it.

Also, if there is a fault in your battery, you must learn to calculate how long a 4000mAh battery lasts, which is the common one or any but in order to be the one that is in your cell phone, then here in discover how to do it we will show you why it only charges the terminal when connecting the USB cable from the PC.

What to do if my cell phone only charges when I connect it to the PC

This is a very easy process since many users just connect the phone and notice that it starts to load automatically without giving the option to transfer or transfer files better known as MTP communication.

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Likewise, a frustration is created because on the PC we cannot find our USB connection type device or to transfer photos, thus the solution to this problem is found in our cell phone, probably in a simple configuration.

First you connect the USB cable to the computer, and then proceed to connect it to the phone, you will notice that several options appear, in them you may have the option of “charging only” checked, likewise according to the function that you are going to execute you will select the one that more convenient for you.

That is, to transfer files you select the MTP protocol, in case of transferring photos, the PTP protocol, that and many more options , which vary according to the brand and model of the mobile device.

Sometimes our terminal does not show the options window, it is simply activated in “load only” without any floating notification that tells us or shows us some way to change or remove this mode, being so you only have to do it from the developer settings.

You enter the developer settings in the “debugging” section, in which you can change the default connection method, and grant the permissions for future notifications to be displayed when making any USB connection, if you cannot find the developer mode it is because it’s off.

How to activate developer mode

Proceed with the activation varies a little according to the brand and model of the cell phone but it is very similar in all of them, therefore the steps to show in the phone settings are as follows.

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First enter the phone settings and scroll down to the last, in the last 3 options of this menu you will find something similar to “About the phone” , when entering this section, you will notice many categories you only locate the bar that says ” compilation”.

When locating it, you proceed to press it several times until a floating information emerges indicating that “You are now a developer”, once this is done , you only go back to the main menu and you will be able to notice the new option or configuration of telephone settings.

You will be able to make a large number of adjustments from this section but the one that interests us is the option of “charge only”, we recommend that you change it to “always ask when connecting to USB” , also every time you connect your cell phone to any PC, a window allowing us to choose the most useful option for that moment. Successes!

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