Why are the Applications Closing on my Android and how to fix it?

A cell phone, beyond being a luxury, has become a tool of necessity for many people. Through these communication tools, it is possible to solve various tasks throughout the day. Nowadays they are not only communication elements , but also entertainment and organization.

There are many applications and various tools that our cell phones have in their menu . And there are many uses that we give it throughout its existence.

Given all this amount of information and applications that are protected in it, it is common that some errors or problems arise at a technical level with our cell phone.

Despite being smart devices, it is possible that they keep up with some different elementary requirements in order to support so many gigabytes which are usually stored with the applications and files on their own.

Based on this, one of the most common errors is the failure of some applications or the system in general. This is usually represented with the message “applications close automatically” this is an action that happens on the system’s own account, and which the user does not have any type of control.

It can happen on both Android and iPhone . However, you do not have to stress, since for every inconvenience, there is always a solution. In this post, we will give you some important information with which you can solve this problem without much complication and thus be able to enjoy your applications without any hassle.

mobile application error

It is possible that there is some type of insufficiency in terms of RAM memory

This is usually one of the most common reasons why some mobile applications tend to close without warning. However, this is a rather superficial problem.

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It is important to take into account the fact that RAM is a main factor for any mobile device, in addition to this, this element works in conjunction with the operating system that your mobile has.

If you come to present a shortfall in it, it is best to release some of this memory , so have the full ability to run your applications.

This error can be caused by an unexpected behavior of the same Smartphone

In various situations, when the error occurs and also, it becomes constant most likely and in the worst case, your phone may be giving you the first signs that it is about to be damaged.

This is known as one of the ways in which your phone ” communicates ” to you the fact that its functions are reaching their end point. Therefore, the best thing to start thinking about is changing your mobile phone.

app alert sign

Your device may contain some kind of virus

In general, inside your phone, what we know as viruses, are different types of software, which are individually adapted to each operating system and once they are inside the system, they begin to execute different actions in order to harm the way each mobile device works.

Two types of viruses are known to exist. The most recognized by many are the so-called “worms” and the other is usually called ” Trojan “, as it is important that you know the difference between these viruses . Trojans usually appear through various apps, which are installed and activated, sometimes this is done automatically or the user does it without knowing the danger that it represents.

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You have too many applications open

One of the most common reasons for this behavior on your phone is having multiple applications open all at the same time.

This is causing an overload with respect to the capacity of your phone and what can happen is that it atrophies and with it, choose to suddenly close some applications , with the sole purpose of offering you a better functioning.

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