WhatsApp Web vs WhatsApp Which is Better? Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages

As much as they tell us that there are better applications than WhatsApp, we will continue to use it because it is the most widespread instant messaging app in the world. It first started with a version for mobile phones (currently it continues like this), then it began to be used in emulators from a computer.

As of today, you have two additional options: WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop . Have you ever stopped to ask which is the better of the two or what are the differences? If so, stay until the end so that you have the answer you are looking for.

    What are the differences between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop?

    The way to enter the application

    In the case of the web version, you just have to go to the official page, select the first link and there scan the WR code that they show you on the screen. This must be done with a function of the application on your mobile. When completed, you will have your Whasatpp in your browser . In case you want to close open WhatsApp sessions from your pc or cell phone, you should know that it is an extremely simple process.

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    Now, in the case of the desktop version of WhatsApp , you must have the program downloaded and installed on your computer. The good thing is that it is multiplatform and you can have it both on a PC and on a MAC.

    So, like any other program, it’s just a matter of running it, entering the required credentials, verifying that you are really the one who is trying to access the account, and that’s it.

    The interface and settings in both cases

    Although at this point there is no noticeable difference , the only thing that changes very superficially are some icons. For example, the icon that allows you to start a new chat, you will find it on the left side of your screen.

    Of course, the web version is a bit limited in terms of customizing the chats. It is something similar to the rivalry that exists between WhatsApp and Telegram and the differences that exist. By far, Telegram is better at almost everything. But that is no longer news.

    On the other hand, the desktop version of WhatsApp does allow you much more freedom when making settings. Therefore, the difference at the interface level is not much, but there are differences in terms of the application settings .

    Notification system

    Starting with the web version, for message notifications to appear on your computer , you have to grant the necessary permissions. Otherwise, the notifications will never show on the screen. And it is exactly the same with the desktop version, of course, that the way they show it changes at the graphical level.

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    An important fact to know is that regardless of the version you are using, you can see each of the contacts that you have registered on WhatsApp .

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each version of WhatsApp?


    • With WhatsApp Web you do not require installation or anything like that
    • The compatibility of Whatsapp Web with browsers is wide
    • You can receive notifications of messages received in both applications.
    • Both applications allow you to save battery on your mobile when using the app
    • The desktop version of WhatsApp allows you to use your WhatsApp account without the need for a search engine


    • Both applications require that the mobile has an internet connection at all times to be able to send and receive messages, audios, images, videos, documents and others.
    • In the case of the desktop version, you require a storage space to be able to install the program
    • You don’t have too many customization possibilities on WhatsApp Web

    Which of the two applications for PC is better?

    The truth is that everything will depend on what your needs are and what your situation is when using these alternatives. To give you an example, if you only intend to use WhatsApp on your personal computer , it is better for you to download the program. On the other hand, if you require the use of WhatsApp from an office, it would be advisable to use the web version. This simply for security and privacy.

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