What Parts Can Be Recycled From An Old Computer That No Longer Works?

old computer desk

Within Latin America, around 9% of electronic waste is generated in the world, we can translate that to more than 4 thousand kilotonnes, which is based on cables, keys and also screens.

This garbage generally tends to end up in landfills in various parts of the world, but more specifically in Asian and African continents . Although the subject seems obvious, these great wastes, have immense consequences for the environment.

However, despite the fact that the problem is immense, the information received on the efforts to stop this is almost nil. However, neither in the network, solutions or information are offered on the correct way in which to dispose of this waste and that in turn help the environment, since many times it is useless to update the hardware of your old pc due to to that it is very damaged.

For that reason, we want to leave you in this post, some ecological ideas with which you can give your technological devices a second life. This way you will be helping the environment and your pocket, in addition to decorating the spaces you want in an easy and quite creative way.

recycle pc parts

Get rid of thieves with this simple and fun idea

If you have a new device and want to keep it safe from thieves, you can use your old computer to mislead them.

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To do this, we recommend you keep your old PC, in a visible place , it can be near the door or in a room where it is well positioned, in this way if someone tries to take something of value the first thing they will see will be, this old PC and he won’t want anything with her.

You can use your old PC as a portable file storage

In general, hard drives that are a bit old tend to work excellent as a portable storage device , so to do this, you just have to go to a computer supply store and buy a box to put it in.

Then you just have to connect it to another computer, all through USB cables and in this way, you will have more space to store your multimedia files and documents.

You can give it a second use as a firewall

If you want to protect your new computer as much as possible and at the same time control everything that happens within your home network, you can use your old PC as a firewall server , which works through a firewall software, which usually , it does not usually take up much space and does not need any type of processor that is especially fast.

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You can use it as a means of computer distribution

Although this is a really new idea, multiple non-profit companies and also some charities generally need more computing power within their line of work, which can help them improve their work through various investigations and annotations.

You can help them, connecting your PC travel to their network , in such a way that they can use your processor to go much further.

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Use its parts smarter

If your purpose is to update your PC, and you still like the idea of creating your own PC from scratch , you can use the parts of your old PC as part of this new device.

For example, the box of your PC, you can use it to be able to fill it with the best motherboard , a processor and perhaps the RAM memory , with which you can create a much faster machine than you had previously thought.

With these ideas, you will be helping not only the environment , but you will also be able to give a second life to this team that has been with you for so many years.

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