What is Temporary Mode on Instagram and how to Activate Self-destructing Messages?

Social networks have completely changed the world as we know it by integrating basically all the essential elements for day-to-day life within a single platform, regardless of whether they are work, educational or entertainment elements. With social networks we can easily connect with everyone for what we want without any problem.

Although there is a wide range of social networking services today, only a few stand out above the average. In particular, Instagram leads the charge in these respects by being a totally visual network , with many advantages and few disadvantages that can work perfectly as a tool for social entertainment and digital marketing at the same time.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that despite being only a social network, the global reach of Instagram allows it to be much more, to adapt to the particular needs of its users. Instagram has understood this well and has taken advantage of it by creating commercial or company accounts, and other great variety of types of accounts with particular differences for all types of users.

Similarly with your own personal account, Instagram offers the option to activate Instagram Shopping to sell products and promote any type of business you want to start, making it the ideal tool for all types of digital marketing , from large corporations to personal businesses. opening doors to everyone.

It is also necessary to mention that despite being initially an application for mobile devices, Instagram has a platform for computers that you can enter from the browser to its official page . Although you should know that this application for computers does not have all the available functions that the mobile version has to offer.

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If we start to count all the tools that Instagram has so that you can take advantage of them completely free of charge, we probably would not finish today. You can get familiar with them little by little to grow your platform and improve the quality of your content.

Since the vast majority of its complementary tools are easy to use, it never hurts to have prior knowledge on how to use them to save you time in the process. Therefore, today we will particularly teach you what the temporary mode is on Instagram and how to activate the messages that self-destruct.

    Temporary mode on Instagram

    With the latest update of the application, Instagram has added the function of temporary mode, which consists of sending temporary messages that self-destruct after a certain time , as in WhatsApp or Telegram with the small difference than with temporary mode From Instagram, all the messages you send will be temporary messages until you deactivate the mode.

    This function is becoming more and more popular in the vast majority of messaging services and social networks that have the chat option. Although messages can still be saved with a screenshot , they will not remain permanently in the chat.

    Similarly, with the temporary mode there is no limitation compared to a normal chat, you can still use the options to send photos, images, stickers, GIFs and even make video calls , only that the record of them will not be stored in any place.

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    Enable self-destructing messages

    You can easily activate self-destructing messages just by entering a particular chat, and then you need to swipe up on the touch pad within the chat content . Once you do this, the screen will turn black and the application will send notifications when sending a message, at the top of the screen you will have the button to deactivate the option whenever you want.

    All messages you send within temporary mode will self-destruct when you close the chat window . In case you still do not have the option within your device, you only have to update the application to its latest available version so that the temporary mode becomes usable.

    Therefore, it is impossible not to detect when we are using the temporary mode of Instagram thanks to the change in the tone of the chat and its notices, so that it is easy to use.

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