What is Safe Mode on Android? How can I remove or deactivate it

Among many functions that Android mobile devices have, perhaps the most useful when it comes to solving specific problems , is the safe mode. You could say that this mode is very similar to Windows Safe Mode, so that when you access it, you will only be able to see and access the necessary applications and functions.

Perhaps this information is very direct for you. Therefore, we are dedicated to making this article in such a way that you can better understand what safe mode is and how you can activate or deactivate it. It is important that you are clear that you can remove or disable safe mode on Samsung Galaxy phones.

What is safe mode on Android phones?

The safe mode in Android is a mode in which the operating system starts differently than usual in such a way that you will only be able to see a simple and minimalist interface, in addition to that you will only have available each of the applications that come from the factory in your mobile device.

This means that all those applications that you have installed from the Play Store and unknown sources will not appear no matter how much you want them to. It is important that you know that, when in this mode, some applications will be shown in a gray color . This is something that happens with LG, Motolora, Xiaomi and even Huawei phones.

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Although there are certain differences in terms of safe mode in relation to the brand, disabling safe mode on a Huawei mobile is practically the same on any other mobile device.

On the other hand, recognizing that your mobile is in safe mode is very easy. You just have to look at the bottom left of your screen, there you will find the words Safe Mode. The good thing is that you can return to normal mode once you restart the phone as usual.

What is this safe mode for on Android phones?

In general, this boot mode in the Android system is used to make diagnostics and give solutions to problems that the system is having. Safe mode is used in situations where the user has misconfigured the system and this has generated errors that even the user cannot solve.

This mode in theory is a way to reset the mobile from the factory , but with the advantage of not losing any data. Whether you have problems with applications, configuration or if you just want to solve your mobile that restarts itself without stopping , this option will help you more than you think.

So, in summary, the safe mode is used to:

  1. Solve system configuration problems
  2. Fix problems with pre-installed apps or problems caused by non-system apps
  3. Solve reboot problems
  4. Recover passwords, data and information
  5. Delete folders that the user cannot delete in normal mode

It is worth mentioning that some technicians use safe mode to install Roms that they have downloaded. Depending on the brand of the phone, you can download any Rom for Android devices.

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How to enable and disable Roms in safe mode?

There are two ways you can use to start safe mode. The first one is when the mobile is on and, to access this mode, you just have to press and hold the on / off button until a message appears on the screen. Once this window appears, you just have to accept and wait for the mobile to start the new boot mode.

The other option is when the mobile is off. To access Android’s safe mode , you have to press the volume button up while at the same time holding down the power button. You will easily identify that you are in safe mode, since a small message will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

Now, after you have made the corresponding configurations, you have deleted a specific folder or file and so on, it is time to exit this mode. To achieve this, you just have to press and hold the power button until the restart message appears. You select it and wait for the system to boot normally.

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