What is ISO and Lens Aperture? How to Configure the Camera of my Android Mobile

If you are one of those who is about to start in the world of photography, you have to know and always take into account what the ISO is. This is one of the fundamental parameters when taking photos . Whether you do it from a professional, semi-professional camera or even from your own mobile.

If you do not understand what ISO is in photography, you will not be able to make good shots and you will not know how to get the most out of your camera and you will not be able to take professional photos of people from a phone .

    What is ISO as a parameter in digital photography?

    ISO is one of the three parameters that belongs to the exposure triangle. As such, ISO is that camera function that allows you to specify how much light the sensor will receive when taking a picture. While it is true that this applies to conventional photography, it can perfectly be applied to digital photography, although with certain somewhat different fundamentals.

    Thus, the ISO allows you to have more or less amount of light in the camera thanks to the fact that it is digitally amplified. Having an ISO that is too high implies more light , but at the same time, the image quality will be affected by the large amount of noise that will be in the final photo.

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    That is why it is always recommended to people who are starting to work with an ISO as low as possible. They are usually 100 or 200 ISO. Although this is a parameter that will depend on each device. One point to note is that, if you learn to control the ISO, you can take good passport-style photos from your mobile .

    Is ISO the most important when taking photos with mobile or cameras?

    It is an answer of yes and no. You see, everything will depend on the photo you want to take. Although as such, it does nothing to modify the ISO while you do not compensate the adjustments with the rest of the functions of your mobile or digital camera.

    In situations where there is too much light, it is best to keep the ISO as low as possible or in automatic mode. In places where the light in the environment is not so much, if it is convenient to increase the ISO a little.

    But as such, the ISO is not that important on its own, since additional adjustments are needed both in the aperture of the diaphragm, and in the exposure time. These three values, as we said, belong to the exposure triangle and each of them have to complement each other.

    If by chance you have a professional or semi-professional camera whose parameters or characteristics you don’t know, you should go to Decamaras.com and look there for the model you have.

    How to configure the camera of an Android mobile?

    It is important that you know that basically the adjustments that can be made from certain mobiles can be applied perfectly to a digital camera . Only, in the case of mobiles, the settings are easier to understand and apply.

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    In fact, you can use the screen of an Android mobile as a flashlight if the flash is damaged . Thus, the configuration that you must do in the camera of your mobile is the following:

      And voila, basically these are all the settings you must make on your mobile .

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