What is a Marketing plan and what is it for? What are its Functions and Objectives?

It does not take an expert or a professional to understand that marketing plans are important, necessary and beneficial for any company, brand, product or service. Thanks to the internet, you can use almost any digital tool that allows you to carry out marketing plans or collect the necessary data to start creating a plan from scratch.

Whether you use Google Trends or Creator Studio , either tool will help you with your marketing plans. Although of course, everything will depend on the handling and understanding you have of these.

    What are digital marketing plans and what are they for?

    A marketing plan is nothing more than a digital document with a specific structure (it depends on the niche, the brand, the company and the model they use) which can be created with only text, or make use of visual resources to presentation mode.

    The idea of ​​this document is to collect each of the data, studies and information that have been made based on the market and that are directly related to the company.

    It is worth mentioning that the marketing plans define very well what are or will be the objectives that are intended to be achieved. In the same way, it is established in said plan what the strategies to be used and how the planning will be in order to carry out said marketing plan. An example of this would be that, in the marketing plan, it is intended to make a striking advertisement of a business on social networks . Of course, this is just an idea, since there are many details behind it.

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    Thus, we can safely say that marketing plans are a kind of guide for companies that allow them to follow specific steps at specific times to achieve the objectives set.

    In order to make this document, a thorough investigation is required . Although this investigation will depend on the interests in the medium or long term that the company has as such.

    What are the objectives of the marketing plans?

    A marketing plan can range from achieving greater reach, generating traffic for a website or improving its positioning, to making money as an influencer with the best platforms . That is why the flexibility of marketing plans is so wide and can be applied to almost everything.

    As such, every marketing plan has and must base its objectives to be achieved on SMART . This means that, if you want to start creating a marketing plan, it must have:

    • Goals that are specific
    • They have to be measurable thanks to free or paid digital tools
    • The objectives have to be achievable and therefore they have to be realistic
    • Each objective has to be relevant to the company
    • They have to be able to be defined in time

    To give an example of a marketing plan that is based on this, that you have a web page and intend to increase the number of visits by at least 30% in a period of no more than 12 months. You are being realistic, you have a specific objective, it is an objective that can be achieved, it is relevant for any website and / or company, and you also have a defined period of time.

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    What are the functions of any marketing plan?

    Thanks to marketing plans, anyone can advertise or campaign with influencer marketing on Instagram or any other social network. But to achieve this, it is necessary to be very clear about the functions of these plans . Some of its functions that we can mention are the following

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