What is a Hard Drive Encryptor or Encryptor? Types and Best Programs

Every person should and does have information, data and files that are important to this. No matter how much we hide them in our computers, they are always prone to third parties viewing the content of these files.

So, in order to avoid this, hard drive encryptors are often implemented. Although of course, this must be something that you know almost nothing about. Therefore, in this article you will learn a little more about this interesting file encryption process.

    What are file or hard drive encryptors or encryptors?

    Disk encryptors or encryptors are programs that allow you to use certain techniques and functions to protect files or entire documents.

    Of course, if you already know the storage capacity and free space of your hard drive , you can estimate more or less through the program, how long it will take to encrypt all the stored files. Although this is not necessary, since you can do a partial encryption instead of a total one.

    Encryption is possible thanks to the fact that certain programs allow you to use complex passwords or keys for this process. The vast majority of programs are equipped with a “robust” algorithm which makes access to an encrypted file almost impossible without the corresponding credentials . It is something similar to WinRAR archives that have a password. This is one of the best programs to protect entire files, in addition to compressing the weight of large files.

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    Is there any advantage to using disk encryptors?

    The truth is that it does have many advantages. Among all of them, the main one that we can mention is that the user or users have greater privacy and security of their files or their entire hard drives. This means that absolutely no one will be able to access your information unless they have possession of the key . Of the rest, it will be very difficult to get access.

    It is important that you know that these files are not indestructible. What we mean is that once they are encrypted, two things can happen when deleting them: that it is deleted like a normal file, or that the system throws an error and asks you for a password or does not allow you to delete it. In case it can be erased, you can get files back from your hard drive or USB memory.

    Believe it or not, encryption can be used to erase each of the data that has been encrypted on a hard drive. That is, assuming you have lost your hard drive or USB stick. Being encrypted with a too robust algorithm, both public and private keys can be destroyed and absolutely no one will be able to recover that information.

    This is very useful when selling second-hand hard drives , so that if that person wants to see what files they had, they will not be able to do anything at all.

    What are the best programs to encrypt a full or partial hard drive?

    Before mentioning which programs you can use, we recommend that before proceeding with the encryption, spend a little time freeing up space on the hard drive of your Windows 7/8/10 PC . So the encryption only targets the files and data that are really important.

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    1. VeraCrypt

    VeraCrypt is a hard disk encryption program which is supported for both Windows computers, MacOS and Linux. Best of all, it is an open source tool with excellent security features. In addition, you can encrypt from portable hard drives, HDD, SDD, folders or an entire system if you wish.

    2. TrueCrypt

    This software is excellent for not only encrypting a whole disk at once, but you can also choose which partition you want to encrypt. The bad news about this program is that it has not been updated in over 7 years. But this does not take away from it absolutely anything of merit as it is an excellent tool for hard drive encryption .

    And although many do not consider it an encryption program, you can easily use WinRar to protect files and documents important to you. By putting a password on it, no one without access can steal your information.

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