What is a computer database and what is it for? Types, Characteristics and Examples

It is very difficult to believe that today, there are companies that are not yet managed with databases. These are extremely useful tools since they allow you to handle a large amount of information regardless of the type. In fact, it is thanks to databases that many companies have greatly improved their operations and services offered to the general public.

Sadly, there are many people who are unaware of what databases are as such. The good thing is that in Google you can find documents and theses that talk in detail about databases . But in order not to get into the technical, today we will talk about databases, what they are for and what are the types that exist today.

    What are databases in computing?

    A database in a system where any type of information is or can be found . This information can be personal, academic, business, and even product.

    The idea of ​​databases is that it can make it easier for the user to find something specific easily and quickly. This search is usually done from computers and laptops, but it is also possible to access databases from a mobile phone.

    To date, databases are tools that are implemented mainly in the business environment. Some use specific software, while others opt for Microsoft Access and its functions and features .

    But no matter what means is used to create databases, each one of them will allow the user or users the possibility of obtaining a complete report based on the information that is stored in it.

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    What are databases for?

    They are systems which are created to store a large amount of information while it is classified and ordered to facilitate access to it.

    It is worth mentioning that the databases are stored in computer systems , which are generally servers or computers with a large storage capacity. But as such, the idea is to have a computer system that different people or users can access without any problem, of course, as long as they have the corresponding permissions and credentials.

    If at any time you want to delete or delete a database in MySQL , you have to know that this is possible. It is only a matter of knowing very well the functions of this program and the steps you have to follow in order to achieve it. It is worth mentioning that databases as such provide the possibility of recovering data and information in case the hardware has suffered damage or failure.

    What are the types of databases out there?

    1.Flat database

    It is a fairly simple and limited type of database. In flat databases, there are only two dataset dimensions. That is, you will have before you a column full of information and within it, you will be able to get the data and information that is related to that column. You can see this reflected when sorting and filtering data by form from Access.

    2.Hierarchy-type databases

    They are characterized by having a structure similar to a tree or flow diagram . The idea of ​​this database is that both folders and files that are stored in the system can be sorted. It is worth mentioning that it is a type of database in which links are used in order to keep each of the data well organized.

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    3.Network databases

    These databases are used when there are links to other links already registered, basically it is to have a data network, but oriented to databases. Therefore, it is a type of database that is used when you have varied information of different types.

    Likewise, we want to mention some other types of databases that may be of interest to you:

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