What if a Blocked WhatsApp Contact is in the Same Group as me?

The different means that exist to communicate, allow us to make use of some security and privacy methods. Since some of our contacts may have inappropriate behaviors that lead us to make drastic decisions such as blocking a contact .

And one of these applications that uses this type of method is WhatsApp. But you may have the same questions that many ask. And here we will answer you, what happens if a blocked WhatsApp contact is in the same group as me .

We cannot doubt that one of the most popular direct messaging services is WhatsApp and it has become almost indispensable in our day-to-day lives. We know the great revolution that I caused with the application of functions never seen before on a mobile. As are voice messages and personal or group video calls.

And little by little the application has been including new options that allow the user to have greater control over those contacts that possibly have unwanted behaviors. But you should know that certain options when applying them can have consequences. That is why we will explain to you what happens with a blocked WhatsApp contact that is in my group.

    When a WhatsApp user makes the drastic decision to block a contact regardless of the cause. This user will not be able to see your statuses in the first place, nor will he have the way to see your personal information, profile photos. As well as other information that we can obtain such as the last one that was online or if it is online.

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    You cannot send messages to the contact in question, but you will not have access to the information of that contact, nor will you receive messages from them. Therefore, any interaction between both parties will be impossible. It is for this reason that it is very important to think very well before making the decision to block a contact.

    But all this is totally different when for some reason you and the blocked contact are part of the same group. And then we are going to explain what consequences this fact can have for you and for the contact.

    If the situation that led you to block a contact was very serious, then you will not like what will happen from now on with this person. One of the first things that is going to happen is that the messages that you send by the group. The blocked contact will be able to read them without any problem, so you must take action on the information you send in the messages.

    If one of your main purposes that you wanted to achieve by blocking the contact, was not to receive messages from him. You should know that through the group you will be able to receive messages from them . But you can still apply a trick and it consists of silencing notifications from this user.

    The only thing that cannot happen between you and the blocked contact is to make video calls, whether they are personal or group. As you can see, these are the consequences that you will experience when a contact is blocked by you in the same group.

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    But you can always resort to other solutions and this is one of the advantages that WhatsApp provides us. If you have a lot of trouble with this contact, you can hide and mute the group without having to leave. You realize how simple everything can be and in this way you already know what happens if a blocked WhatsApp contact is in the same group.

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