What are they and how to make Recommendations on Linkedin? Where are they seen?

The social network of professionals known as Linkedin is very famous for its ability to search for employment online. Many users when venturing into the world of telecommuting or online work come across Linkedin as their first choice.

It has taken its position among the other platforms because in addition to looking for work and offering work online, it has several methods, functions and strategies to make us know and socialize with other professionals in our field.

One of these methods is the skills or aptitude tests that show how much we are prepared at the moment of carrying out our knowledge, that in terms of methods, but if we talk about strategies.

There are recommendations that are tactics created by the users themselves with the purpose of adding value to a profile, here in discover how to do it we will show you how you can do them.

    Step by step to create a recommendation on Linkedin

    First to create a recommendation you need to locate the people you want to recommend , to do this go to their profile, then you will notice at the top of their profile next to the message button 3 points that is commonly known as the “More ”.

    A list will be displayed with the option we are looking for, that is to say “recommend”, that when you click on it you will notice a window in which we will begin to provide information, first our relationship with that person and the position of that moment.

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    There are many options that will be at your disposal when choosing a relationship and position with the person to recommend, you must carefully choose the one that most closely resembles your agreement , as this will remain that way for a long time.

    After selecting the most appropriate one, click on the following and you will notice a small text box in which you must write your recommendation or personal opinion, it is very important not to make spelling mistakes since this is a professional level agreement.

    It is very common to write in a draft before everything with the purpose that it is perfect at the time of sending since in Word you may notice certain errors that are not seen with the naked eye and you can also put or insert accents or accents in our recommendation text.

    Once this is done, just copy and paste your recommendation in the Linkedin window, you can read it out loud to yourself as if you were speaking with that person face to face and thus notice and verify how the grammar of our writing is already verified, everything you proceed to send.

    Great tips for your recommendation on Linkedin

    The easiest way to write a recommendation is to follow the example of others , but since we know what would be the recommendation that we can trust, be guided by these tips:

    Take it on a personal level: One way to distinguish a recommendation in a Linkedin profile is that it is not something generic or common based on human abilities or aptitudes, not this, there is nothing better than it is something unique and personal, okay to timeshare in work experience.

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    An example of a personal recommendation would be: Julio’s talent when writing articles is impressive, it is an ingenuity that is used with the purpose of fulfilling our goals .

    • Think about the position of the user: It can affect in several ways your recommendation to the user according to what you write related to their position, whether independent, contracted or contractor.
    • Always Professional: One way to distinguish a professional is by their knowledge and their ethics make sure to highlight this aspect in your recommendation, if you don’t know how to do it better, don’t do it as it can become a negative reference for the user.
    • Not so Long: If something we learn over time is that if it is very long it is boring, then try to do it as 2 or 3 paragraphs, even though you have 3,000 characters, do not use them all, just follow our guide published in this post . Successes!

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