What are the Best Free Apps to Save Photos, Images and Videos to the Cloud?

Thanks to the fact that today’s smartphones have powerful cameras, it is impossible not to take pictures wherever we go. The simple fact of attending an important event, celebrating with our friends, going to the beach and more, is indicative of taking a large number of photos. And if by chance you have a mobile with little storage space, you have to be deleting old photos or images that you do not want.

What are the Best Free Apps to Save Photos, Images and Videos to the Cloud?

Instead of doing this, you have two solutions: the first is to buy a micro SD of so many GB, to have a little more storage, while the second is to opt for applications that allow you to save your images , photos and videos in the cloud .

An example of this is the use of the Telegram cloud to store all kinds of files and save photos . So today we will focus on mentioning you which are those applications that have a space in the cloud.

    What is the cloud and what is it for?

    Before starting with today’s recommendations, we want to explain what the cloud is and what it is for, since there are still people who are not entirely clear about it.

    Now, the cloud is simply a virtual storage space that some platforms provide you so that you can use it to store any type of information or file you want. Some of these platforms such as MEGA or Google Drive give you additional tools to improve your experience with the tool.

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    What are the best free tools for storing photos, images and videos?


    We already mentioned it in the previous paragraph, but without a doubt it is an application or platform that is worth including in this type of list. For those who do not know the origin of MEGA, it is nothing more than the successor to the previous Megaupload platform . Today, it is a service that is used by millions of users thanks to the fact that it serves as a platform to download files of all kinds.

    So it not only works as a medium for cloud storage, it can also be used to download files and so on. In the same way, you can have a free account in which you have 50 GB of completely free storage.

    Of course, you have some download limitations, but nothing that a few minutes does not solve. By the way, it has a desktop application that makes it easy to upload and download files .


    If your intention is to download and / or save photos of WhatsApp profiles on Android , rest assured that Dropbox will be one of the tools that will help you with this and more. You could say that this platform is one of the first that started with the issue of cloud storage and although it does not compare with the amount of space that MEGA provides, it makes up for it with the great security it has.

    Thanks to this aspect, you can create private folders in your free account and protect them with a password if necessary. In addition, Dropbox has support for both Windows, Android and other operating systems, although you may want to pay a basic plan to have a little more storage.

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    Google Drive

    Regardless of how much competition arises when it comes to storing photos, videos, and images in the cloud , google services are by far one of the best. You can access your account from a computer or do it through the application for smart phones.

    The truth is that to detail each of the functions that this platform offers you, this article would not be enough for us. What, if we can mention you, is that you can perfectly share an entire folder or a specific file with someone else if you wish. And best of all, third parties do not require a registration on this platform . Although the best thing is that they do.

    It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has an option to save and backup photos and videos in Google Photos . In fact, this is an application that is being seen natively on most of the mobile phones that are currently on the market.

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