What are and what are the Corporal Area Networks – BAN used for?

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Today technology has evolved in such a way that science aims to make all connections and any type of network in computers done wirelessly. That is, permanently erase the use of network cables in systems.

That is why many technologies have been developed by different companies, but among the most important is the BAN or WBAN technology , which promises to be one of the solutions in improving the sensors of people’s bodies.

If you are new to this topic and you still don’t know what body area networks are for, or how to use them, don’t worry. Since the purpose of this article is to raise and let you know in a simple way what this network is about.

What are body area networks?

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It is necessary then to know what body area networks really means, or by its translation into English in English “wireless body area network”. So, WBAN or BAN is a network in which only low-power devices are connected to the body of a human being .

In other words, the connection of these equipment does not have a very long distance , it usually has a parameter of 5 or 8 meters around so that the devices begin to show failures due to the ineffectiveness of the connection.

It is very important to emphasize that this technology has not been fully studied, it is still in a testing phase where few teams are capable of showing good performance with it. Although with the noticeable advancement of technology, we can say that in a few years it will be completed.

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What are body area networks for?

The body area networks show different promising objectives, among the main ones being the improvement of the medical system worldwide , since with this technology it would be much easier to monitor different treatments and evaluations in patients.

For example, the idea that such technology can be implemented in equipment such as pacemakers, stethoscopes, valves and other tools and instruments for medicinal purposes is already being implemented and developed.

Although it is not only being limited to medicine, this technology can also be used in personal training matters. For example, there are some sensors being designed in the form of wristbands and anklets to measure data from limb movements.

What computers can be connected to this network?

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Currently there are some teams with which this technology is already working. As for example smart watches , these devices are already advanced enough to determine health factors such as the measurement of the heartbeat in a period of time, such as the Xiaomi mi Band that allows to record the heart rate and even increase the frequency heart rate measurement.

Another piece of equipment that already uses this technology is headphones and microphones . With these equipments, many factors can be determined in a person’s voice, even through the reception of audio, it is possible to know when an individual suffers from a symptom related to it.

How do body area networks work?

For the body area network technology to work, 2 main factors are needed , the first is the sensor on the person’s body, which records the data that needs to be saved. And the second is an element that has the ability to manage said information.

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In basic terms, we would need a sensor in the body and a computer that takes care of this information. There is also an optional element that is the internet , which can be through a connection with WLAN technology, and which will improve the process of transmission of said data.

This technology, despite not being fully developed, shows that very soon it will be able to help in an irrefutable way in the care and evaluation of the body. All this through the efficient and optimal development of connected equipment.

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