What are and What are the Best Amazon Alexa Skills? – Definitive Guide

Welcome! In the case that you have the Alexa assistant and you want to get the most out of it but you still don’t know what things you can do with it , then you have reached the right post. Later we will explain in depth everything you need to know which are the best Amazon Alexa Skills. Go for it!

What are and What are the Best Amazon Alexa Skills? – Definitive Guide

What are Amazon Alexa Skills?

In short, Alexa Skills are additional functions that have been developed by other users and that we can install without problems from the Skills store that you can find in the Amazon Alexa app. To make this concept clearer, you can see Alexa Skills as apps that you usually install on your mobile device from the store.

Once you have installed the Alexa Skills through the official app , then all the assistants that you have synchronized with your mobile devices will be able to use them. Thanks to these new functions, you will have the possibility to install games , news channels from web pages, recipe pages to learn to cook or even Skills to learn another language.

The Best Amazon Alexa Skills You Can Install

Next we will tell you which are the best Amazon Alexa Skills that are available in its official app . Before reading them, we recommend that you also learn how the Alexa commands work to make using it easier. We simply invite you to read the description of each one so that you can download the ones that catch your attention.Keep reading!

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Direct to the palate

Without a doubt, this Skill is ideal for all those who love cooking , regardless of whether they are experts or beginners. Here you can find different culinary ways to surprise your loved ones. Every day this page is in charge of showing us new recipes so that we can cook quietly at home.

In addition, you will be able to follow each step of the recipes to the letter without having to take your eyes off the kitchen, since Alexa will be in charge of reading the preparation of each dish. If you would like this, imagine everything you could do if you turn your Android into a Smart Home with Alexa so that your whole house is in tune with you.

English with Oxford

In the event that you want to learn or improve your English, then do not hesitate to download this new Skill that is very useful. Just spending a few minutes a day can expand your vocabulary and learn useful expressions.

This skill has a large number of conversations of everyday topics between people who speak native English (British and American) so you will only have to listen carefully to improve your pronunciation . Simply to start you will have to select your level of English, since in this way you can learn at your own pace.

In fact, at the end of each reading you will be able to answer 3 questions to see how much you have understood and in this way you will be able to see how you progress in learning.

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If you are one of those people who do yoga and enjoy meditating a lot , then this Skill is perfect for you. In this case we can choose between a quick meditation, meditation to rest and there is also the option to listen to relaxing sounds, which are ideal for all those who suffer from insomnia.

Thanks to Bambú you will be able to experience the benefits of meditation, among which we can mention the reduction of stress and anxiety, an improvement in concentration and it also helps a lot to manage our social interactions throughout the day, since it makes us people more comprehensive.


This fun game will allow us to entertain ourselves during our free time . Basically you will have to think of a famous character (it can be real or fictional) and the goal is for our assistant to guess who we are thinking of. To do this, Alexa will start asking us questions until she manages to find the character we originally thought of.

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting game, since Akinator uses very sophisticated software that allows you to guess the characters in a matter of minutes.

Newscast in 4 minutes

For all those who want to know about the most outstanding news of the day , then this Skill will suit them like a glove. In this way we will be able to listen to a summary with the news while we are preparing our breakfast, without having to search for them on our own through the PC or mobile.

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In fact, we must emphasize that if you have the Echo Show to ask Alexa questions , you will be able to observe the news headlines on your screen in a comfortable way.

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