How to Use and Connect the Controller of the PS3 to the PC to Play on Windows or Mac?

Video games have gained great strength in recent times, thus creating a wide network of players around the world. With videogames it is possible to connect to a virtual world where we can live fantastic experiences.

In general, video games are divided into several categories, in these the games are classified according to the characteristics with which they are designed. These categories range from Adventure, Action, Racing, Strategy, Sports, Gambling, and many more.

Video game or video console development companies are constantly working, looking for new ideas such as recording the screen of the PS3 console without capture , connecting Skype to the PS3 camera, using a PS3 control as an N64 control , etc. to apply them on their consoles and thus satisfy the demands of consumers.

How to use and connect the PS3 controller to the PC to play on Windows or Mac?

One of the brands that currently lead this market is PlayStation , developed by the Sony company and officially launched on the market in 1994. Since then the success it has achieved has been resounding, becoming one of the most widely used consoles for playing video games.

This brand is characterized by being always up-to-date, increasingly improving its features and functionality. From time to time it releases consoles with more advanced features than previous versions.

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One of the consoles that has had the best receptivity is the PlayStation 3 , due to its functionality, design and operability, it is one of the most used. It has many functions and characteristics which we must know to make the experience much better.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Apple companies with their Windows and iOS operating systems have also developed very advanced game interfaces. Which we can play from our computers.

As our computers are built to perform different tasks, playing games can be a bit tricky. However, there is a way to solve this problem.

The controllers or controllers that we use to play on our PS3 consoles can be used to play on our Windows or Mac computers . The PS3 controls are designed solely for playing video games.

Therefore, if we connect them to our computers, we will live an unparalleled gaming experience. In this article we will learn How to Use and Connect the Controller of the PS3 to the PC to Play on Windows or Mac.

Steps to connect the PS3 controller to the PC to play on Windows

To connect the PS3 controller to our computer with Windows operating system we must follow the following steps. First on our Windows computer we open our trusted browser .

Then in the search bar we write Scptoolkit and we give enter. We will get several options to download Scptoolkit, we select the one we are looking for. What we will do with this program is to have the options to be able to connect the PS3 controller.

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It should be noted that we must download the option for Windows, it will begin to download and we wait until it is finished. Next we open the previously downloaded program and execute it.

We accept the terms and conditions and click Next until it begins to install. After downloading we can connect the control of our PS3 via USB or Bluetooth to our Windows computer and it will recognize it immediately.

Steps to connect the PS3 controller to the PC to play on Mac

The iOS operating system has been characterized as a very closed system that is only compatible with devices that are manufactured by the company. However, connecting the PS3 controller is very simple .

Since it is possible to connect it via Bluetooth as any Peripheral normally connects, to connect it we must activate the bluetooth of our remote control . Next we go to our Mac and we go to the option of Bluetooth and other devices.

It will automatically recognize it, we just have to click on the device and link it to start using it. Ready in this way we have successfully managed to connect the PS3 controller to our PC with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Finally we hope that this article has been of your help, however we would like to know, Could you connect the PS3 controller easily to the computer? Do you know an easier method? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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