How to Update All Your Apps Automatically on Android Easily (Example)

Many of us have a large number of applications installed on our cell phone, tablet, or any device with this operating system. And, Android provides a simple means to acquire quality applications: the famous Play Store from its official website .

But, having such a density of Apps, it could be very tedious to update them manually, so in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to update all your Apps automatically on Android .

Unfortunately, if your smartphone (smartphone) works with another operating system, other than Android, you will not be able to update automatically in the same way. Do not be discouraged, surely there is a way you can achieve it. You can read this guide to see if there are analogous elements in your operating system , to help you find the correct option.

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It should be noted that there could be small variations depending on the version of Android that your device has. The general concept will always be the same, so you shouldn’t have any problems. You will see that it will be satisfactory, that all your applications are updated doing something so simple .

The reason why you want to have the applications in their latest version is quite evident. As new releases of a program are created, its developers patch (fix) the errors they presented.

Memory usage is also optimized, new functionalities are added , and many small details are polished. All with the aim that the user experience, when using applications, is the best possible.

What is an application on Android?

To start with, let’s talk a little about Android. For sure, you know that it is an operating system developed by Google . Designed to work on devices with a touch screen; be it smartphones, tablets, smart watches, televisions, and even cars. With which, you can have applications in any of the previous artifacts.

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Applications are computer programs designed for mobile devices. With which you can enjoy games or leisure activities, carry out professional and work tasks, receive information, and many, many other things.

Android is very easy to acquire many applications, as we mentioned before, thanks to its Play Store. That it is nothing more than an App, already included in Android devices, and that works as a library for other applications .

That is, it allows you to search among the available programs, and purchase them on your device, for free or paid (depends on the developers of the App).

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How to update all your Apps automatically on Android?

This task is not difficult, as long as you know how to handle your Android device correctly , and pay attention to the procedure. So don’t worry, anyone can update their Apps automatically , easily.

What you should do is look for the Play Store icon in the menu of your cell phone . It is a triangular symbol, pointing to the right, and with Google colors. When you find the application, you will have to run it.

Once inside the Google store, you must slide your finger gently across the phone screen, from left to right. Then, a menu with various options will be displayed. Among them, you will press the one that says My apps and games .

Now you will be seeing a list with all your applications, and it will be indicated when one of them has a pending update. All you have to do is select the option to ” update all applications ” (the text may vary depending on some factors, but it should be something similar to that).

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What remains is to wait for all the updates to take place. Remember that the process will take a while, and it is best to do it using your home internet , not mobile data. You should also be aware of having enough memory available on your Android .

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