How to Transfer WhatsApp Conversations or Chats from One Mobile to Another Easily

When we acquire a new mobile we have the task of transferring all the contacts that we had on the old mobile to the new one. In general, making use of Google services can facilitate this by allowing you to add numbers directly from your Gmail account. However, when it comes to WhatsApp, we can also pass all our conversations .

How to Transfer WhatsApp Conversations or Chats from One Mobile to Another Easily

In this article we will teach you how to transfer WhatsApp conversations or chats from one mobile to another easily . Likewise, we will mention other functions that this messaging application offers us to have a better user experience and an easier migration.

    How to transfer WhatsApp chats from one mobile to another?

    To begin, we will explain the process that must be carried out between two devices so that both must have a microSD card slot . The process is simple and we just have to follow the following steps to be able to import all our WhatsApp conversations. In the help center you will find more detailed information on how to do this and other interesting actions.

    • We will start by opening WhatsApp on the old mobile.
    • Being inside, we will click on the three points that are in the upper right part of the screen.
    • In the displayed menu, click on “Settings” .
    • Then we will go to the “Chat settings” section and click on it.
    • Once inside, we will see the different chat options where we will have to click on “Save conversations” .
    • A pop-up window will appear indicating the chats backup process. At the end, we will have to go to the file manager.
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    • We will look for the “WhatsApp” folder and copy it into the microSD card. This step is important because it is necessary to have the backup copied to the external memory that we will place in the new mobile.
    • We will insert the microSD card in the new mobile and install WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.
    • To finish, we will only have to enter the application and this alone should tell us that it has found a backup.
    • We will click on “Restore” and then on “Continue” .
    • And ready! We finished registering our data and we will have all our chats.

    It is important to know how to restore or recover a WhatsApp backup in order to achieve the above steps. That way, you will have all your conversations just as before.

    How to pass WhatsApp conversations with Google Drive?

    There is another way to transfer your WhatsApp chats to another mobile without the need to use a microSD memory and that is by using the backup copy of Google Drive . To do this, you just have to follow the following steps:

    • We will enter the WhatsApp of the mobile from where you want to pass the conversations and you will click on the three points in the upper right part.
    • In the menu you will select “Settings” .
    • Next, you will go to the “Chats” section .
    • You will find different options where you will have to click on “Backup” .
    • At this point you will be able to see when the last backup was made as well as the different settings that you can apply at the time of making it. These are such as: save when you are on a specific type of network, the period to make the copy in addition to the Google account to which it is associated.
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    • We will continue pressing “Save” and a pop-up window will appear that will tell you how the copying process is going. It should be noted that this backup will be saved on mobile and in your Google Drive account.
    • Then, you will have to delete the application from the old mobile and then go to the new one and install it. You will have to enter the new mobile with your Google account.
    • When you start WhatsApp and enter your account, it will indicate that there is a backup, click on “Restore” and then on “Continue” .
    • And ready! You will have your WhatsApp conversations.

    It should be noted that to be able to make backups in Google Drive you must be connected to a WiFi network, recommended . With WhatsApp you can also archive, unarchive or delete your chats and you can customize their wallpaper .

    When making a backup copy, the multimedia files of the chats will also be copied , in addition to that we can choose whether to include videos or not. I hope this information is helpful for you, don’t forget to share it, see you next time to find out how to do it.

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