How to Take Good Night or Night Photos with my Mobile or Cell Phone

Since mobile and digital camera functions were brought together in one device, the ability to capture and capture a moment to remember has changed and improved dramatically.

Of course, although at the time it had certain disadvantages since mobile cameras were not so powerful or very sensitive to take night photos. But thanks to technological development, today we have mobile phones with incredible cameras.

How to Take Good Night or Night Photos with my Mobile or Cell Phone

And even though you may have a mid-range or high- end smartphone with a good camera sensor, you may not be taking good photos at night. Luckily, these devices come with features that you can take advantage of and have a clear image even though there is not too much light where you are. Keep in mind that, when taking a photo, you can improve a lot if you know what PhotoScape is and what it is for.

    What should you keep in mind when taking night photos?

    To detail each aspect that you should take into account would be to enter the subject of photography. However, there are certain important points that, despite not being a professional or amateur photographer , will help you take good photos. In fact, all these tips that we will give you will help you edit photos in massive batches at the same time with programs and applications.

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    Check what are the functions that your mobile device has

    Phones today are coming with better cameras and to enhance them, the same device has functions within the native camera application . So, when entering the app, you can have a little more freedom in terms of the parameters that you can handle. For example, previously you only had two options: record videos or take photos.

    Today you have these same two options, with the difference that now you have more options and functions that you can handle. A clear example of this is the Pro Mode that many phones are including in their system. And if your phone does not have it, you can download a camera application that allows you to obtain these settings . Also, when entering the native camera of your phone, you have to see what the options are. Usually it will appear:

    • Normal photos
    • Record a video
    • Night photo
    • Time Lapse
    • Pro mode
    • Portrait mode

    Select pro mode if you have it enabled on your mobile

    Don’t get carried away by just the name. Once you understand how this mode works, you won’t want to get out of there when taking photos. By selecting it, you just have to modify the ISO and shutter parameters .

    The first allows stabilization and allows the camera sensor to receive light, the second is the amount of light that the camera captures in a certain time. If you manipulate the shutter, you will notice that the longer the photo takes to take, the clearer the image becomes.

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    If you want to take beautiful and incredible photos or images that move and talk , you have to have a good night photo and this will depend on the light that the sensor captures. So we recommend that you practice well before using this mode. Now, if the mobile you have has a camera of 48 mpx or more, you can perfectly put this option aside and opt for the night mode or the normal camera.

    Are there apps that can help improve night photos?

    There are and one of the most used and most famous is. This is an application that in addition to offering you the functions of the pro mode, you can also edit the photos you take or photos that you have stored in your gallery. But as such, it is preferable that you use the functions that the camera itself offers you.

    In the same sense, the best you can do is locate the object, the person and others, in a place where there is a source of light affecting them directly. This will allow that, by adjusting the camera parameters, the sensor can better capture the ambient light and the photo does not end up being dark as it has been happening until now.

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