How to Speed ​​Up or Slow Down a Video with After Effects Easily

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In the audiovisual environment, innovation is always sought when creating something so that it is new, being very difficult for publishers to make a difference due to the great competition that exists today in the field.

Sure, it is necessary to have skills and a lot of ingenuity that allow us to live up to what is required, but the use of tools that help to be better in the profession is also vital.

Programs like After Effects offer their users the opportunity to be better and better by allowing you to practice every second you use it. In this way you will not only master the basics but also grab new skills that will help you shine. You can even do the effect by exiting the screen in After Effects

In this opportunity you will learn “how to speed up or slow down a video with After Effects easily” , one of the many visual effects that you can take advantage of when creating to give a simple, but different touch to your creations.

What is After Effects?

After Effects is a program whose software is focused on video editing with a studio style with which you can create digital animated compositions, special effects and professional quality motion graphics. In short, you can easily create a composition of animations in After Effects

This program became the property of Adobe Inc in 1993 and was launched on the market in January of the same year. In the beginning this has been easy to manipulate, since it consists essentially of overlaying layers to create great visual effects.

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after effects logo with the effect of going out of the screen

The positive thing about this program is that it includes in its structure the possibility of being used together with third-party plugins , which in simple words seek to improve the process and lighten the load that is generated when applying the effects.

With After Effects you will be able to create, animate, modify, compose and alter your videos, you will be able to give life and movement to an image created in After Effects
and that they attract everyone’s attention.

Also, with innovative effects in 2D and 3D spaces or create a cinema 4D logo animation for excellent advertising.

And it is that each filter and effect that it offers gives you the opportunity to use them at your whim, allowing the combination of them to make unique creations.

How to speed up or slow down a video with After Effects easily?

To be able to speed up or slow down any of your videos using After Effects, you just have to follow the step by step that we are going to give you. You will see that with them you will achieve the desired result in your editions, so don’t waste any more time and take great care in what we are now going to show you.

after effects work area screen with girl on screen

Paso 1

The first thing you should do is search your computer screen for the official After Effects program and proceed to open it. Then you must click on “Create new project”.

Paso 2

Next you will have to select the video files to which you will apply this effect, so you will have to import these files into the project panel.

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Paso 3

Locate the main menu of the program and within its options you will find the one corresponding to “Layers” , click on it to open its menu.

Paso 4

You will have to click on the option “Shorten time” , later in an automated way a dialog box will appear on your screen.

Paso 5

Since you are in the dialog box, it will be time to configure the parameters of the video in question, choose whether to speed up or slow down the file depending on what you need.

Modify and update the speed given in the options to your benefit, being able to also alter the speed percentage for a better result.

Be very careful about the changes you make . Be cautious and do not lose hope if at first it does not turn out as you expect, at some point you will be able to give the proper tuning to your video.

Paso 6

One of the benefits that the After Effects program brings is that it shows you a preview of your work before saving the change. To access this option click on “RAM Preview”.

Paso 7

Once you have achieved the desired result, you will only have to keep the process that has been carried out, so you must click on the “Save changes” option to successfully complete everything.

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