How to Speed ​​Up or Improve the Performance of my Android Mobile – Effective Tips and Tricks

We all want a faster cell phone but if we have the knowledge to make our cell phone perform better it is much better since you can always keep it as just bought.

A new Android device usually has speed for everything you can even increase the Wi-Fi signal and other things that you did not know, we all like that the phone responds quickly to our activities.

For this an important aspect is to increase the RAM memory that is responsible for storing the information of the installed applications , the more capacity then the better the response speed of our terminal.

But then how to speed up or improve the performance of my Android mobile in all its aspects this is very simple you just have to execute the tricks and follow the tips that here in discover how to do it we will show you below:

Tricks to improve the performance of an Android cell phone

There are several shortcuts and settings that allow us to accelerate the operation of our mobile, whether it is high-end or low-end, it works for anyone, one of these tricks is to decrease the animation scale of the windows.

To do this just go to the phone settings and go to the ” developer options “, if you can’t find this section it is because it is not activated yet, to activate it just go to the “About phone” option and when you enter here locate the build number.

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Once located, click on this option several times until a message appears in a floating and pop-up window indicating that “you are now a developer” then you can return to the previous menu of the mobile settings.

Then you will be able to notice the new configuration option ” developer options ” that when entering this category you will be able to configure certain technical aspects, for example the trick that we will teach about the animation of the windows in order to increase the performance of our mobile device.

Also you should only locate and disable the following 3 animation boxes:

  • Window animation scale. (Note: you can disable it or set it to the minimum allowed)
  • Scale transition animation. (Minimum Allowed 0.5x or disable it)
  • Animator duration scale. (Recommendation disable it completely).

Another trick that is a little more radical but very effective in case you are quite desperate for the slowness is to learn how to factory restore your Android device ”. Be careful, it is not just a factory reset that returns to normal all the settings, we mean the complete restoration that eliminates applications, data and others in their entirety.

Effective tips to increase performance on our Android mobile

Have fun with everything you can do in order to increase performance , and the advantage of doing it yourself is that you can try how our Android changes speed.

Pre-installed or Abandoned Applications

Go to the phone settings then in “Applications” and begin to detail each and every one of those that it shows in order to choose and delete the ones you do not use or those that you no longer need to use, if for some reason you cannot uninstall the Applications enter it and clear its data and cache.

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Storage space

Obviously, the more space the faster and if you don’t have anything that takes up space, your phone will be at the maximum , so we recommend that you go and visit the gallery and start deleting all the videos and photos you can.

If the information in your gallery is very important, you can make a backup in the cloud with any of the existing services available, for example Dropbox, the idea is to clean our multimedia file storage a lot .

Trash Files

When we leave half downloads either from a file on the internet or from a download manager, that junk or damaged file always remains on our device, occupying very important space.

We recommend that you use a file explorer and browse your mobile folders, looking for damaged , duplicate or useless files that you will no longer use.

If you have followed all our tips and tricks, your Android phone will probably work at its maximum capacity. Successes!

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