How to Shorten my Links or URLs for Free – Tools and Best Shorteners

Link shorteners are spectacular tools that are simple to work with, but useful for one purpose: to shorten links and make them look a little more professional, shorter, and not look like they came from a strange site.

In general, these tools are used to implement an advertising page that generates a certain amount of token that in the end translates into money for every many views (so to speak). In fact, it is thanks to these shorteners that you can open Twitter links in your default browser on Android and iPhone .

How to Shorten my Links or URLs for Free – Tools and Best Shorteners

But to all this, do you have any idea how or what you have to do to shorten any link and for free ? In case you want to know, we invite you to continue reading this article and discover all the relevant information on this topic.

    Steps you have to know to shorten any link or URL

    Before starting to explain the steps, you have to know that there are a large number of online tools and platforms that allow you to shorten any link you have.

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    Either because it is not well optimized, because you want to generate an extra income, or others. Although we will talk about this a little later. In this way you can choose any of the options you have to create or generate a WhatsApp link to insert on Facebook.

    1. Have the URL you want to shorten

    In general, links are shortened from pages within web pages that have not been optimized or that, if they were, but are too long. To make it more convenient, get that internal link or the link of a published article , and copy exactly the link that is shown in the search bar.

    2. Choose the link shortener tool that you prefer best

    At this point, you are the one who chooses which shortener to use . In general, ADF.LY is used as the main one, but you know that it is not the only one. In fact, famous companies or platforms such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, WordPress and many others give you the ability to shorten all the links you want. But of course, also then opt for tools that are already known and that are easy to use.

    3. Copy and paste the link you want to shorten

    As you will notice, the steps are extremely simple. All you have to do is copy the link, paste it in the shortener, generate a new link thanks to that platform and wait for the final URL. Depending on the tool you use, the link in the initial part will change .

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    That is, if you use Facebook, a possible link that is generated can be: It is worth mentioning that the vast majority of these tools allow customization. So if you want to put or insert a lin or hyperlink in Canva , you can customize it to your liking.

    4. Copy the resulting link and use it on any platform or website

    The result of the link shortener that you have used will generate a link which you can use on any web page, description or platform.

    In general, this is a way to prevent certain social networks and platforms from limiting the sharing or publishing of a link because it violates the policies of that web page. The good thing is that you can share or send a YouTube video on WhatsApp using any shortened link.

    What tools are the most recommended to shorten links?


    One of the best known on the entire internet possibly. It is used by many Youtubers around the world thanks to the fact that shortened links can be shared in a very simple way. In addition, it offers you an API in which you can generate extremely short links for your web pages and thus generate a little money with each click they make on the URL.


    It is another of the many shorteners that allow you to generate income thanks to the links that are created. Of course, with this tool you have to make a registration, although the process is extremely simple and fast. Best of all, it is compatible with platforms such as PayPal, Pioneer, Airtm and many others that you can use to withdraw your money.

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