How to Set or Activate the Dark YouTube theme on my Android Mobile or Cellphone

Consuming and creating audiovisuals has never been as accessible as it is today thanks to YouTube services, the favorite audiovisual tool on the web for more than a decade, being a multiplatform tool where you can work on it easily or iOS without limitation some, having the same functions available as on PC.

It is important to keep in mind that the more attractive your content is, the more chances you will have of being successful on your channel to monetize yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to make thumbnails for YouTube through the various external applications that exist for free to help you improve the content of your channel.

You should not only take into account the thumbnails, since all the elements of the channel need to have the same quality to stand out among the millions of channels that exist on the platform. Another key element that you should consider is creating a header, banner or cover for a YouTube channel , so that it is the presentation of your personal brand within the application.

Thanks to the constant technological innovations that are available, all these creative processes can be easily carried out from the YouTube mobile application, for more comfort and easy access. For that reason, today we will teach you how to set or activate the dark YouTube theme on an Android mobile or cell phone.

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  1. Activate YouTube dark theme on Android
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    1. Other themes available from YouTube

Activate YouTube dark theme on Android

The dark mode for the YouTube application on Android is ideal to save battery while using the application and make it lighter in view of the user compared to the default white color that can be uncomfortable by causing visual noise when combined with the other tones of the video thumbnails.

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In this way, you can activate the dark theme easily just by entering the YouTube application and clicking on the profile icon to enter your account, once inside the options menu in your account, select the settings option next to the icon in the form of a nut. Then enter General and within the following menu you will have the option to enable the application’s dark theme.

In this way, the white tones of the application will become a dark gray tone so that it becomes lighter in view of the user and you can navigate calmly. Once you have activated the dark theme to save battery, it is also recommended to review the guide to save data when browsing YouTube outside of WiFi zones so that your mobile data can perform at its best.

Activate YouTube dark theme on other devices

And in case you have an iOS device you can also enable YouTube’s dark tone, just by entering the application, select your profile photo> Settings> Dark theme to enable or disable , being a shorter method than in Android but with the Same effect to save battery and facilitate the consumption of content within the platform.

Due to being a totally multiplatform tool , all YouTube tools are enabled for any device.

Therefore, you can activate the dark theme on PC just by entering YouTube via the browser, logging in as your user and then clicking on your profile picture to open the drop-down menu and selecting the option “Appearance: device theme ” And within this option you will have the dark theme available.

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Other themes available from YouTube

Additionally within its platform, YouTube also has the option of activating incognito mode for mobile devices , to navigate the application without leaving a browsing history. In turn, this mode also removes all customizations from your account while it is activated.

In this way, the application’s recommendations will be generic and not personalized according to your browsing history, while the subscriptions, received and library tabs will also be deactivated while the mode is still active.

You can easily activate this feature just by clicking on your profile picture and selecting “Enable incognito mode” from the menu.

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