How to Send Self-Destructing Mails or Emails From Gmail

While it is true that the internet changed the way we live today, it was thanks to Google that society as we know it has been globalized and digitized almost completely, and not only thanks to its search engine but to all the tools that it puts available to its users completely free of charge to facilitate and optimize all types of activity.

In particular, thanks to its Gmail email service that serves as the central hub for connecting and synchronizing the rest of Google’s complementary tools . Currently you can easily create a new Gmail email on Android, iOS or PC and start sending and receiving emails, with a virtual storage of 15 GB directly from the platform.

How to Send Self-destructing Mails or Emails from Gmail

Similarly, Gmail has a wide range of tools within its platform to facilitate the communication process and adapt to the particular tastes and needs of each user. In addition, it is possible to block a contact or a Gmail email from an Android to protect yourself from unwanted contacts or spam emails that fill your inbox.

Taking into account that Gmail is the most used email service today , being practically used daily, the 15 GB of storage may be short in some cases. Therefore, it is necessary to free up storage space in a Gmail account without deleting emails using the tools that the same platform makes available to you.

It is also important to mention that through Gmail, you can access the cloud storage for home and work from Google Drive to use the 15 GB of free storage on a platform where you can share and save all kinds of files , in addition to uploading files. for group work that can be edited in real time, promoting remote work.

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Unlike the rest of the email services , Gmail has the advantage of having all the technological power of Google behind it, making it the main tool for sharing emails today.

In addition to having the option to synchronize with the rest of the Google applications, they constantly add new functions to their platform in order to facilitate the user’s life in any way possible. For that reason, with this article of the day we will show you how to send mails or emails that self-destruct from Gmail.

    How self-destructing messages work in Gmail

    The temporary message feature has been progressively growing in popularity across various platforms, with more and more communication services adding this option to meet the needs of their user base by offering a new measure of security when sending messages.

    Through this new function, Gmail gives its users the possibility to protect the information they are going to send through the option of requesting additional authentication via text messages to the recipient of an email, in such a way that the risk of sending a private email to other people is accidentally deleted completely.

    This new function can currently be used for both the version of Gmail for mobile devices regardless of their Android or iOS operating system, as well as for computers.

    Send self-destructing emails in Gmail

    The method to send emails that self-destruct in Gmail is quite simple, you just have to enter your email and select the option “Compose”, within the compose window you must select the option “Activate or deactivate confidential mode” in the bottom right of it.

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    Once you activate the confidential mode, select the “Edit” option at the bottom of the compose window and configure the expiration date and a password for the message. If you choose the option “No password by SMS”, Gmail users can open the email directly, while users of other services will be sent a password via email.

    While if you choose the option “Password by SMS” you must enter the recipient’s phone number so that he receives the password via text message to his mobile.

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