How to see WhatsApp Status without being Seen (Example)

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Do you enjoy using WhatsApp? I guess so, like everyone else. This messaging application is one of the most important, logical considering its practicality and that it is free. But, it is also possible that many times you burn your head wanting to see other people’s states without them realizing it, I do not blame you. That is why you will learn how to see WhatsApp statuses without being seen .

Currently most users publish or upload WhatsApp statuses . Share photos with friends, important events of the day, even when they go to the bathroom. The thing is, if we see the statuses of a contact, it will appear to him that we did it , even the time!

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There are many reasons why we would like to see states in a hidden way. You may have a temporary anger at the person, but you are still interested in their life and what they share. Or that you simply prefer to go unnoticed. The important thing is that the problem has a solution , as we will show you later in the article.

Before continuing, you should know that the steps to follow are very simple . You will not have to worry about downloading files that occupy the memory of your mobile phone , expose yourself to leak your information, or spend too much time in the process.

What is Whatsapp?

There are people who go anywhere and need no introduction. That, transferred to applications, is what happens with WhatsApp . However, you may be interested in some of the information that we will give below.

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WhatsApp or Guasap (due to its adaptation to Spanish, somewhat difficult to digest), is, as we mentioned at the beginning, one of the largest messaging applications for smartphones (smartphone) in the world. In fact, in 2018 the data showed that it occupies the first place, with more than 1.5 billion users , crazy!

Since 2014, the app was acquired by Facebook , a company that was in charge of promoting it to the clouds. Currently, it even dethrons its other messaging application, Messenger, which derives from Facebook (the social network).

You may not know it, but there is the possibility of accessing from the browser to manage your messages and see status. All thanks to WhatsApp Web from its official page . This method to view the states without being discovered is also functional for the web version of the application , as long as you start it from your cell phone.

That said, it’s time to explain the steps you must take to achieve your goal. Pay a lot of attention.

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How to see WhatsApp statuses without being seen?

The method is really simple, as long as you have a little guide to activate it.

What you will do is enter the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone (assuming you already have it installed). Once you open the application, you will go to the upper right corner of the screen, to press the three-point symbol .

In the drop-down menu you will choose the Settings option and then Account. Six new options will appear on the screen, of which you will choose the first -> Privacy (it has a padlock icon).

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Now we are in the last step. What remains is to deactivate the switch where it says Read receipts . It should be gray (green is that it is active). And ready! Now you can see WhatsApp statuses without being seen . Keep in mind that, as long as you keep these settings, you will not be able to know which contacts viewed your statuses, nor the number of people who did.

In short: Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Read receipts

If you don’t trust the method, you can check it out using a second mobile device, or by testing with a friend. Now you can really relax and view the statuses privately.

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