How to see and Know the Features or Specifications of my Android Mobile Easily

Android devices are very easy to use or manipulate, so more and more users are getting one, at this point most people who already know how to read can learn to handle this type of device.

They can also change any setting for example to update the Android time automatically, that and among other things, for more advanced users who have the knowledge in their favor they can find out if our Android is 32 or 64 bit .

All with the purpose of looking for and installing applications outside the Play Store, which for this they use the Web browser, then they find their professional APP and pass it to Android by activating debugging mode via USB.

In the common users that are the majority only download from the Play Store any trend that is in fashion, for example TikTok that to download and install TikTok on Android is only a matter of a friend recommending it or seeing an advertisement.

But since we know if you can download any type of application, it is very simple, we only have to have basic knowledge of the characteristics and specifications of our Android, just follow this article and discover how to do it.

How to see the characteristics of an Android mobile without programs

To see the characteristics or specifications of a mobile on Android will depend on the version available on your terminal, since the way to enter this information varies a bit, for example in versions of Android 6.0 or higher it will always be available.

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It is only to enter the “mobile settings” and locate the option ” about the phone ” where you can see a quantity of information about our device, both software and hardware, and among those options also ” status ” where it will show us more information specific and technical.

Like the internal storage, the used and available space, our type of processor and also the RAM memory, this information helps us to know if our device is suitable when downloading any application.

It is important to know our version of Android for almost any task, so you can also see in this section all these aspects , such as the IMEI, Android version, baseband, kernel and even the simplest such as the model of our cell phone.

But for those cell phones with an Android version lower than 6.0, it is unfortunate to say that not everyone enjoys an information section, they are only some devices that have this option, but do not worry as there are applications that help us with this problem.

How to see the specifications and characteristics of an Android cell phone with programs

For those cell phones with a low version of Android specifically lower than version 6.0, it is recommended to download from the latest version of the Play Store any of these excellent applications sought after and recommended for you:

Device Info: see the device information : With a 4.7 star rating we recommend this wonderful application that fulfills the function of making known all the specifications of our cell phone.

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You can download and install this application without problems since it is available for those with an Android version of 3.0.8 or higher, that is, for most devices, even if it is of few resources because it also weighs 3.8 megabytes.

With this application you can know the information related to : RAM, ROM, Internal and external storage, Battery, CPU, Available Sensors and even the information of the installed applications, everything you need in a single APP.

How to see the characteristics in Chinese Android phones

For these cell phones there is also a great application in that case we are talking about CPU-Z, it is a very popular APP because it has a very practical interface that offers all the information related to the devices, whether they are Chinese or non-original versions.

Even for the oldest cell phones. Since it can be installed with up to a version of Android from 2.2 onwards if you have one of these low-end or old cell phones but Android then just download this application and voila you will have all the information at your fingertips . Successes!

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