How to Search, Save and Download an Image in Google Images Easily (Example)

There is no doubt that the different applications that we use every day on our mobile devices or personal computers help us in our daily tasks. And one that offers different tools, products and services is Google.

In this article we will talk about the image search engine of this platform. And in simple steps we will show you how to search, save, and download an image in Google images easily.

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If you are a user who is used to using the Google image search engine, you should know that the option or button to View image was removed. Which allowed you to see the image and not the page that contained said image. These are the changes that the platform has made and that many users may miss.

But we can tell you that this option will not be necessary since it is possible to do the same but using another way. To see the image, just click or hit Full Size view, on any image you choose. Of course from the device or equipment you are using, but read on to learn how to easily find, save and download an image in Google Images.

How to easily find, save and download an image in Google Images

Now we are going to indicate the steps that we must follow to find, save and download an image in Google Images easily , from the different available devices. Next we will tell you what you should do in the version of Google Images on a personal computer.

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Then the first step is to enter the Google images application and proceed to search for the image we want to download. Once the results are displayed, we are going to choose the large image, but to do this we must have a Google Chrome add-on installed. This extension is called Straight to Full-Size for Google Images.

If we can translate the name of the plugin it would be something like going straight to the full size version for Google Images. If you don’t know how to install this add-on , you just have to open the Chrome search engine, type the name of the extension. Once it appears, you must click on the Add to Chrome option and the add-on will be installed in the browser.

And you will be able to see it on the right side of the Google Chrome search engine, in the form of an icon similar to a sumo wrestler. Now, once this process is ready, we can continue with the image that we already chose previously. When selecting the image we want to download, the image will no longer be previewed as it was previously.

Instead the image will be displayed in full size and this thanks to the plugin or extension that we have added. Now in order to save this image, we position ourselves on the image with the mouse cursor and we are going to right-click. This action will generate an options menu from which we will select Save image as.

In this way we can download and save the image that we have searched in Google Images and have it on our PC. Now we will show you what you must do to do this same procedure but from your mobile.

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Steps to search, save and download an image in Google Images from mobile

To download images in the mobile version of Google Images, we will have to use an application, since it is not possible to install extensions. In this case, as we are using an Android device, we will download the App from the Play Store . The application in question is called Image Downloader , it is ideal for what we need to do.

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Once the application is installed on your mobile, you must open it and from there you can search for the image you want. To do this, you are going to click on the Type to Searchimage button, and then you must write which image you want to search for and click the magnifying glass icon. Now the results will be displayed, touch the image you want to see and then download it to your mobile.

That is how easy and simple it is to use this application and the images will be saved by default in your downloads folder and in their original size. Thus ends this tutorial that showed you how to easily find, save and download an image in Google Images.

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