How to Search or Find People on Twitter by Number or Email?

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The growth and expansion of the digital world is staggering. Currently there are many tools on the web that allow us to enjoy incredible experiences. As long as we make a conscious and careful use we can find wonderful things.

The online communication certainly has become something essential for our lives, because through it, we can contact and interact with people around the world. This way of communicating has changed a bit in recent years.

Previously we only communicated through emails , by text messages. Currently there are tools where we can not only communicate with others. If not also interact in a very natural way with people regardless of distance.

Best of all, this type of communication can be executed in real time and instantly . We can do this through social networks, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

How to search or find people on Twitter by their number or email?

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Social networks are created in order to allow us to interact and interact with other people, today there are so many social networks that we can choose to our liking. It is always good to know what each social network offers and decide whether or not it adapts to our needs.

Without a doubt one of the most popular social networks is Twitter, founded in 2006. It currently has more than 340 million active users around the world. Making it one of the most used social networks.

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This is basically a social messaging network where people can share short messages with a maximum of 280 characters. Twitter gives the option to follow people , in order to be able to observe the tweets that those users share, it also allows you to put pdf , upload videos from your PC, make your tweets private so that no one sees them or even delete several tweets at once , etc.

These messages are displayed directly on the user’s profile page, we can also see them from the news section. The other users of this social network can also start following our account, these are called followers , who can see the messages we share.

It is a very popular platform that we can access from the web platform or the application designed for mobile devices. It is very important to fully understand the options and tools that Twitter offers.

One of the characteristics that we have to keep in mind is how to search for people . This can be done through the username, email or registered phone number. In this article we will learn how to search for people on Twitter by their number or email.

Steps to find people on Twitter for their email

To search for friends on Twitter by email, the first thing we have to do is open our Twitter account . We can do this from the mobile application or from the official website.

The next step will be to select the “Find friends” option located at the top, this in the case of the website. To do it from the application we just have to select the magnifying glass located in the options bar at the bottom.

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Now we select the “People” section , in the box that says “Name” we write the email of the person we want to find, we click on “Search” and that’s it. This option only works if the user we are looking for has the email address in their profile.

Steps to search for people on Twitter by their number

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This method can be done by synchronizing the contact list of our cell phone with Twitter. To do this, the first thing we must do is open our account from the application, we go to the “Followed and Followers” section .

Then we select the option “Add friends” located in the upper right corner of the screen. Now we must press the first option «Find a friend» , then the option of «Synchronize contacts» will appear and we select it.

Finally, we will see a box indicating that Twitter wants to access your contacts, we mark OK and that’s it. We will get a list of all the contacts on our phone that are currently Twitter users.

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