How to Reset or Change the Password of my PayPal Account Can I Change it without a Phone Number?

Surely one day you wanted to make a purchase online, and at the time of making the payment you saw the PayPal logo and you would ask yourself what is this? We invite you to continue reading this article, in which you can find very useful information for you.

Today, technology makes life a little easier and simpler , since thanks to it we can carry out various transactions such as online purchases, which we can do from the comfort of our home. This is a benefit that over time has been improved and advanced thanks to technology to make this process a little easier and faster.

Steps to be able to reset or change my PayPal account password

It has always happened to us that we forget some information to log in, such as the password or access key on a website, social network, among others, and this can be somewhat tedious, and as you will see, it is very important that you know how to recover or Reset your PayPal account password as it is very important to protect your security.

That is why below we will briefly explain how to recover your PayPal account, since this is very helpful when making a transaction or paying for an Uber trip with PayPal .

The first thing you should do to change or reset the password of your PayPal account is to enter the official website of this, once there you must select the option “Enter” in the button that is located in the upper right corner.

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Once this is done, you can start the process to enter your account, on this login page you must enter your access data such as your email and password, but of course you will wonder how do I recover my PayPal password if I do not remember it?

All you have to do is look for the alternative that says “I have forgotten my password” which is located at the bottom of the page, this will redirect you to another page, you must enter your email address to continue.

Then you will have 5 options , this is to verify your identity, most of these are for you to receive a security code, although you have other options such as receiving a text message, a call, an email, answering the security questions.

Or simply by entering your credit card information, and voila, if the information is completely correct, you will only have to enter a new password and you will be able to access your account immediately without any problem.

Can I change my PayPal account password without a phone number?

Sometimes it happens that we lose our phone number and we think that we cannot reset some passwords such as PayPal’s in this case, but it can be done and then we explain the process so that you can achieve it since it is very simple how to create a PayPal account without credit card.

The first thing you should do is enter the PayPal main page, then you go to the top where it says log in, then you have to click on the part that says Do you have problems logging in?

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Once there you must place the email linked to the PayPal account and click next, now select how you want to recover the password, here you have the option to have the information sent to your email and voila, you can reset your password.

How safe and reliable is PayPal?

Yes, using this platform is as safe as using a PayPal prepaid card , since it uses SSL technology that allows you to protect all your information, and when you make or are making a transaction through PayPal, the person you pay will not be get your data, which is the credit card number and the account number will be protected.

In this way you will never have the worry when you decide or want to make a payment , send money to family or friends online, you can do it calmly and without having any concern about PayPal in a very simple and efficient way.

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