How to Repeat the Same Rows of Title in the Header of Tables in Word

When a person mentions text editing or simply says “I have to write a text on the computer” we all resemble Microsoft Word , since it is the most used by users worldwide.

With this wonderful program you can do many things such as architectural sketches or plans , you can also make flow diagrams and we usually use Word to create our resume known as a curriculum Vitae, all this and much more.

How to Repeat the Same Rows of Title in the Header of Tables in Word

For this reason, it is necessary to learn to use all its tools correctly and more so if we talk about tables since it is a very repetitive data process, if you do not know what macros are and what they are for then you must have a more extensive knowledge of tables in Word.

If you want to repeat the same title rows in the header of the tables in Word without copying, pasting and arranging the formats on each page, in which our table is released, don’t worry, we will teach you here. Find out how to do it .

    What is a table in Word

    A table is a group of vertical cells known as rows and horizontal cells known as columns. This combination forms a grid that you can adjust the number of boxes according to your needs.

    This is used to organize our data , since we can separate them by categories such as dates, names, ages, among others, programmers use them to create their databases or have them more comfortably.

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    So if you are thinking of presenting organized information, do not hesitate to create a table since its data distribution is unlimited, when we add a lot of data, these tables turn the page with the same order or sequence that you have at that moment.

    But not the title, at least not automatically, so it is uncomfortable to rearrange our title in the first rows of our table on each page, so you just have to do the following.

    How to repeat title rows in tables

    If you are new or have time working with tables you will notice that it is uncomfortable to be adjusting the formats, sizes and even colors of our titles on each page to avoid these, just do what we will tell you below.

    Create your table that is long enough for you to see and learn how the table tool works, exactly it is necessary to create a table so that the Word program shows us the ” table tools ” at the top .

    In this section you will see a tab that says “ presentation ”, click on it and then select the title in your table completely from end to end, leave it selected and in the “presentation” tab you will find the option “ repeat title rows ”.

    By clicking on this option you will notice that the main title will be added to each page , and no matter what content you add to the table, it will remain in the first row without moving, it is very comfortable and practical to use this option.

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    Importance of a heading in Word

    We already mentioned how important tables are and how to repeat their title or heading, but it should be noted that a colorful title is very important when referring to tables since it cannot have many characters when placing a heading in a table.

    Since there are usually more than one then our space is limited and sometimes people begin to create tables within other tables in Word , which further limits our heading or title.

    That is why a header that is striking but short is important, a recommendation is to add a color to the bottom of the line in the table since it will only highlight the title row without having to adjust the font or size of the title.

    You can also use several default table designs for the same purpose of giving enough visibility to our header , we count that all this information is very useful to create the best tables. Successes!

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