How to Rename Bluetooth Device in Windows 10

At the time of pairing and also connecting one or two Bluetooth devices with your Windows 10 operating system, initially, it is the system that assigns it a specific name which is given by the device manufacturer, a situation that therefore In general, it is not usually comfortable for many users, but nevertheless, it is an action that always comes out in order with many products of this type. All this in order to send and receive files from your PC to your mobile .

What many do not know is that this is a common situation within Bluetooth devices and also with those products a little more sophisticated, such as smartphones, since the name that is assigned there, is found in such a way that the users , easily identify the device.

For this reason, if we do not like the name that appears by default in a product, you will have the opportunity to change this nomenclature to the one we want within Windows 10, and that is what we will focus on in this post.

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Changing the default name within Windows 10

To begin we must initiate a connection of our device with our computer and once done we must enter the ” Control Panel ” and then locate on the option called ” Hardware and sound / see devices and printers .”

Once we are there, we must select the device, which we want said name to be changed, by pressing the right mouse button and then accessing the “Properties” section of the context menu.

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There we can see the “Bluetooth ” tab , in which we can see that the default name of our product will appear and which the manufacturer assigned by default.

To be able to edit it, we just have to enter into the “name” field and proceed to change it to the name we want. Once ready, we must click on the ” Apply ” button and proceed to close the window.

In order to successfully complete this process, we must end by turning off the device, which we have just renamed, since it will not be enough to disconnect the Bluetooth device and then reconnect it, since if not, the change will not be made correctly. effective.

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Renaming Bluetooth devices

Changing the names of some devices is a fairly simple action, since it can be done easily and quickly with just a few steps, which we will begin to describe below .

To begin, the first step you must do is to activate the Bluetooth connection with your computer and then proceed to connect the peripheral which we are looking to change the name, now you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Start by accessing the section called “Hardware and devices” and then proceed to click on ” View devices and printers
  2. Once there, you must select the peripheral to which you want to change the name and then click on it, so that the Properties menu appears
  3. Within this menu, you must locate the tab called ” Bluetooth ” in which you can see the name that this device has by default and it is here where you must place which is the box in which you want the new option.
  4. The next step to follow is to press the ” Apply ” button that you will find in the lower area and with that, open the entire task and you will be able to enjoy your devices with a new name.
  5. These are reversible options which you can change by following these same steps, however, it is better that you own your custom devices so that you never get confused about which one you are using.
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