How to Remove or Remove Pop-up Advertising from Safari on Mac

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Being on a computer is an activity that lots of people do on a daily and regular basis, to the point that without a computer they don’t have much else to do.

And, it is understandable considering the amount of content that can be accessed through a computer, without counting all the video games that can be played and other possible activities in one.

This, in itself, makes it quite clear how advanced a computer technology is and how many activities we can do on one, which means that many people have work only through a computer.

However, when you are surfing the internet in one, you can often have the small problem of advertising that appears on different sites . This can be a distraction, as well as an annoyance, considering all the pop-up windows that can come out just for an advertisement, not counting the amount of computer viruses that can reach our computer if we enter one.

In the end, many people tend to live with this problem, but for others it becomes almost unbearable having to deal with pop-up advertising.

However, there are some ways to be able to surf the internet without having to worry about the advertisements or ads that appear on the pages we frequent. This includes the ads that may appear on YouTube, which may unexpectedly put another video to us as an advertisement in a surprising and not pleasant way.

And, if you don’t have much knowledge about it, you can keep reading, because next we will talk about how you can avoid all that advertising that appears on your Mac when you use Safari, which so often seems impossible to evade but is totally possible with the tools necessary and if you follow this tutorial.

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Removing advertising in Safari

When we are browsing the internet, we can have the unfortunate experience of entering a website that is full of different ads or pop-up advertising that can drive us crazy, however there are good ad blockers for pc that you can install to end this problem. When this happens, we have some options to get rid of these annoying ads in Safari that do not include downloading anything at all.

The first, you can go to the desired page and activate the ” Reader mode “, that will make the advertisement or appear, as well as no pop-up element, although you have to keep in mind that different aspects of the page you are visiting will also be blocked, such as images or multimedia content.

On the other hand, you can also enter Safari Preferences and, entering the “Security” section, you will find an option that says ” Block pop-up windows “, which can solve the problem for the vast majority.

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Downloading apps

In the event that you might want to absolutely filter out all ads and pop-ups that might appear while on a web page, you have the option of downloading an ad blocker. Right now there are a couple that you can find in the Apple app store for your Safari, which are Adblocker and AdGuard.

We can start by talking about the most popular, which is Adblocker, which is a program that is responsible for blocking all advertising that may appear on the internet, including that annoying advertising on YouTube .

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It is really useful when we talk about entering different pages that usually have lots of ads and make the experience of navigating them very difficult. The best of all is that they are totally free apps, through which you can get a premium version by paying a small price for them.

Keep in mind that AdGuard works in a similar way to Adblocker, so if the first option is not for you, you can always use the second without problem.

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