How to Remove or Disable WhatsApp Notifications from the Screen or Notification Bar

By default WhatsApp shows us the messages at the top of the screen in a floating pop-up window. Its advantage is that it allows you to reply directly to messages, without having to open the application. However, you may be concerned that the content of those messages appears like this so obviously, unexpectedly and unwantedly.

This preview is generally disabled from the WhatsApp application settings, as well as you can configure the application to your advantage in the same settings , either hide the messages or even completely disable WhatsApp notifications to see those messages received and even receive notifications from someone if you are online .

How to Remove or Disable WhatsApp Notifications from the Notification Screen or Bar

For some time now, mobile devices show notifications of when a message from your conversation arrives from the Android 5.0 system onwards, just by pressing to activate the screen you will be able to see the notification with the message, although it is also at your disposal activate or deactivate temporary messages the more it is updated, the more options we will have available.

    How to remove or disable WhatsApp notifications

    As I said, this has its advantages and disadvantages, but not everyone likes or takes advantage of this feature. Some people prefer to have it activated to view their messages and reply to them without having to open the application, while others prefer to have more privacy by viewing their messages manually from within the WhatsApp application.

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    Although this has a great privacy problem, since if we have someone in our environment they could see our messages that we have without reading or listening to the WhatsApp audios that I have received just by turning on the screen of our phone , no matter how much we have blocked and protected the device with a pattern, fingerprint, PIN or password.

    Luckily this has a solution since Android devices can hide notifications whenever and thus be able to have the lock screen clean, we can have two ways:

    • Do not show notifications: This will literally remove notifications from the screen when it is locked.
    • Hide sensitive notifications: Although it is locked, the screen will show only the allowed content and will block the one that is not suitable.

    On the one hand, in addition to being able to hide WhatsApp notifications, we can also hide those of all the applications that are on your Android device from the notification settings of your device. This if you want to disable the notifications of other applications that you want to keep private or that I only sent you an unnecessary notice about that application.

    In addition to being able to deactivate WhatsApp notifications from the settings of your mobile phone, you can also do it from the same application, WhatsApp offers us many ways to accommodate the notification settings , either to customize the sounds, or to block a contact .

    To configure the default notifications follow these two simple steps:

      At this point, there we can customize message notifications (private chat) and group notifications. We can customize the tone of the notifications, the vibration and the color of the light if our mobile has a notification LED. We can also customize the tone and vibration of the call notifications as you wish to have it.

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      Personalized notifications

      If you want to fully customize the notifications, we just have to go to the information section of any chat that you want to customize and activate the ” personalized notifications “. Then we have the option of placing a different sound for each contact one by one. And it is in this place where we can mute one or more contacts by removing the sound and vibration.

      If you want to stop receiving message notifications from a contact or chat, we can temporarily silence them by entering their chat window and selecting the option to silence notifications . There we can silence your notifications for a certain time, given by the same WhatsApp settings.

      Turn off silence

      In case you have regretted having silenced a contact, chat or group and want to receive their notifications again, we just have to repeat the same steps that we follow to silence them. But this time we will see the option to deactivate the silence. Then we can calmly see until which day he had silenced his notifications.

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