How to Recover Deleted Notes or Voice Messages on WhatsApp Where Are They Saved?

Something that you may not know about WhatsApp for mobiles is that the application comes with a default configuration in which absolutely all the multimedia files that are sent or received are saved. This is a good thing, but at the same time bad for the user.

On the one hand, it is good, since, if you deleted something from your gallery, but you sent it by WhatsApp, you can easily recover it. But at the same time it is bad, since the storage consumption depends on what you send and receive.

How to Recover Deleted Notes or Voice Messages on WhatsApp Where Are They Saved?

In this sense, have you ever wondered if it is possible to recover the voice memos that you deleted for whatever reason? Or better yet, where are these files kept ? These questions will be answered throughout this article. But before we start, we recommend that or IOS, depending on the device you have.

    How can you recover audio files that have been deleted in a WhatsApp chat?

    You have a conversation with someone, you sent or received a voice note. For whatever reason, said note or voice notes that were deleted , can you recover these files? In most cases, the answer is yes.

    First of all, everything will depend on the configuration that the application has on your mobile device. Generally, on Android phones, each media file is automatically saved to the internal storage.

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    Now you ask yourself, what can you do to recover this specific type of file? Well, you have several options you can choose from. We will start with the most basic and simple of all and then we will go up a bit in level and complexity . But not before without reminding you that you can solve connection problems you have with WhatsApp very quickly and easily.

    Ways in which you can recover voice notes on whatsapp

    From the whatsapp folder

    If you have an Android mobile and have not made changes to the default settings, you can take advantage of this to get the voice memos to your device’s storage. What you have to do is open the phone’s native file explorer (if you don’t have it, download one) and then go to the WhatsApp folder . Once there, you will notice that there are three folders: Backups, Databases, and Media.

    You only have to enter the last one (Media Folder). You will see that there are 9 different folders, in each of them, different information is stored. Among all of them, you have to go to the “WhatsApp Audio” folder and open it.

    You will notice that there are two more folders, one of them is “Private” and the other is “Sent”. In this location, all the voice memos that have been sent or forwarded to you will appear . And if you have sent voice memos, you can find them in the “Sent” folder at this location.

    For backups

    It is a method that takes a while, but is infallible when it comes to recovering deleted information . As such, you have to learn how to backup first and then learn how to restore and recover a WhatsApp backup . When making a backup, at that precise moment all the information you have in your WhatsApp account will be saved.

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    Of course, when you go to make a backup, only the chats that are active will be saved and not those that you have deleted. And when you go to retrieve the information, everything that was saved will be downloaded automatically .

    The downside of this is that, if there is a very old audio, but that interests you, you have to open that person’s chat and then download it again. But at least you know it’s there.

    Are they the only options you can count on?

    Technically not. You can access WhatsApp conversations that have been archived in your email. In this way you have access to all the messages that you have sent and have been sent. This includes multimedia messages, voice memos, and so on.

    You could say that it is more or less like a backup that you update manually. Of the rest, the other options require the use of software that allows you to recover information that has been manually deleted.

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