How to Recover Access to my Android Cell Phone if I Forgot PIN and Password – Unlock Mobile

It usually happens that we change the pin or the password of the cell phone and forget which one we entered, it happens with the cell phone and it happens with other types of accounts, such as the Google Play account and we must find a way to recover the password from account.

In discover how to do it, we are going to explain what happens if you forget the password of your Android cell phone, and then give you the steps to know how to recover access to your Android cell phone, along with some tips and recommendations to avoid forgetting the password.

How to Recover Access to my Android Cell Phone if I Forgot PIN and Password

    What happens if I forget the password of my Android cell phone?

    It may happen that you have forgotten the password of your Android cell phone and you do not know what to do or you are worried because you do not know what is going to happen now and you are afraid of losing all the information you have on your mobile.

    The first thing that will happen is that all the information on the mobile will be trapped , but you should not worry because if, for example, you forget the Gmail password, you will be able to recover the email password , the same will be be able to do with the phone but through Gmail.

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    The idea is that if you no longer have password options, do not make many attempts since it will be more difficult to unlock the phone later. Your phone at that moment will be unusable but with intelligence you will be able to perform an unlock quickly.

    How to regain access to my Android cell phone if I forgot the pin and password

    If your mobile is blocked but you do not remember the password, you have to follow a series of steps to be able to regain access to your phone and change the password , you must also bear in mind that the steps may vary depending on the operating system. But the same steps that you are going to apply to unlock a Motorola you will be able to apply to another phone as long as it is Android.

    There are two unlocking methods if you want to recover access to your phone because you lost or forgot the password, they are two relatively easy but safe methods, because there is the recovery method by Gmail, and the recovery by restoration, Gmail allows you to change the password and recover data while restoration erases all data.

    Regain Gmail access

    If you forgot your mobile password and want to access your phone, you will have to find a computer, on the computer you will access the Gmail account that is associated with the locked device , once you open the account you have to search for the option ‘Find device’.

    When you open the option find device, several alternatives will appear, the alternative that you are going to select is to ‘change password’, there you will get the option to restore the password and assign a new one.

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    After you assign the new password, you look for the mobile and unlock it with the new password that you have configured through Gmail.

    Restore access by restore

    If you cannot access your Gmail either, you have a second option, to restore the factory phone , but with this process you will lose all kinds of information. In order to do this, the first thing to do is turn off the equipment.

    Then you are going to turn it on, but you have to turn it on by pressing the power button together with the volume down button, both instantaneously until the mobile enters safe mode , you select the option to ‘restore’ the phone will restart and It will remain as factory.

    Tips and recommendations to avoid forgetting your cell phone password

    Although platforms like Facebook allow you to recover your password like Gmail, it is advisable to use a password that allows you to remember it by means of a date or write it down in a secure site.

    Because although with the phone locked, you will be able to continue receiving calls and notifications, the ideal is that you look for a way to prevent staying with the locked device and have a date or a written data as a reference in case you forget the password.

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