How to Record, Save and Enable Different Types of Macros in Word

In the world of office automation better known as techniques or programs for office work, we find Microsoft Word that has become the basic tool in the workplace, student and even personal.

How to Record, Save and Enable Different Types of Macros in Word

For this reason, learning to use macros would increase your ability to perform any job much faster, for example, perform an automatic index and with numbering , if you already know what macros mean in Word and what they are for, you will know that this is possible.

If you do not have much knowledge in Microsoft Word it does not matter, since anyone could use the macros option you just have to learn to memorize steps or processes and voila, you can do various tasks such as creating a curriculum vitae or jobs such as making labels to print saving a lot of time.

So for any type of user regardless of knowledge in Word we will show you how to record, save and enable different types of macros in Word discover how to do it.

    What are macros

    A macro is a process or a set of processes stored in the same place , that is, one or more commands that are executed with a single movement, key or button, macros have been used by professionals in almost any program, so they have always existed. .

    Even in video games they are used, since sometimes the keyboard is not enough for the amount of commands that are required, in Word it is the same at certain times we want to use a tool such as copy or paste.

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    As we already know, it can be done with the key combination control + C or control + V but if we want to carry out an activity that does not have a command for example ” delete format ” or ” change styles ” or whatever, you can record them in a macros by assigning it a command the one you want.

    How to enable macros in Word

    For Word 2007, 2010 or 2013 users, the procedure is similar, just click on the ” Office ” icon located above and to the left of the program, in the menu that will appear you will notice the ” Word options “.

    Also choose the category ” Trust Center ” and then in the sub categories ” Trust Center settings “, right there you can mark or check the option ” Enable all macros ” (not recommended, potentially dangerous code can be executed) in other words, all macros are run without confirmation and this setting makes your computer vulnerable to potentially harmful code.

    We simply ignore all these warnings since we will only use macros for simple things, after this you only proceed to add the ” macro tool ” to the task bar, right click on any free space on the task bar and choose ” customize bar of tools ”.

    In Word 2007, only the option to ” record macro ” will appear. In other versions, you can find it or enable it as a ” programmer ” tab , you give it add and voila, we will have this option enabled in our toolbar.

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    How to record and run macros in Word

    To begin, locate and open the option to ” record macro “, once open the first thing is to put a name or a title, it can refer to what you are going to do in a summarized way by examples “font styles” if you are going to use the macro to change between source the texts.

    The second thing will be to start recording you can choose keyboard or mouse normally keyboard is chosen, but before you start you must assign a command for example Control +1 or control +2 so that what you record and execute when pressing your assigned command then now yes .

    Press ” accept ” and the macro bar will disappear but you will notice a symbol like the face of a robot in the mouse pointer, this means that our macro is being recorded at that moment it performs one or more activities in Word.

    Any act you perform will be automatically saved in our custom macro, after finishing your actions locate the macro option again, its icon will be the same as ” pause recording “, when we click to pause the recording we will have our macro Save and list, congratulations now just use your creativity. Successes!

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