How to Put Two Different Ringtones on a Two Chip Cell Phone?

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The smartphones are very useful tools to communicate with people who are anywhere in the world within seconds. You only need a good signal and Internet access to be connected to the global global network.

Calls are one of the oldest and most classic forms of communication since telecommunications technology was developed. It basically consists of the auditory interaction of 2 telephones using the electromagnetic waves that travel kilometers from point A to point B.

Phones have evolved a lot since their birth until now, adding many functionalities such as Cameras, Wifi, Bluetooth and the ability to have 2 lines.

This last functionality that some phones have, allows things like having a line exclusively for the Internet or if you want to have a private number.

If you have one of these insurance phones you have realized how useful it is to have 2 independent call tones programmed . If you don’t know how to program this option we will show you how, but first we are going to talk a little about the advantages of having 2 lines.

What are the advantages of having a telephone with 2 lines?

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Having a dual sim phone is very useful due to the advantages of being connected to several telephone networks at the same time. If you do not know the advantages that this has, here we will show you some of them so that you are informed.

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Have 2 phone lines

The first advantage is the most obvious and is being able to have 2 phone numbers in the same device. Surely it has happened to someone that they ask for their number and do not want to give it or you work and want to keep their contacts separate.

A double sim phone will allow you to keep an order of the people who can contact you by the number you give.

Take advantage of having two data rates

You can take advantage of having a dual sim phone to have two different packages of mobile services in the same terminal. In one you can have a calls and messages package while in the other you can have a data package.

This is especially useful when in your area one company has better coverage than another, but lacks quality in something that the previous one does. For example, a company may have a very good network speed but it does not have much coverage or the call service fails.

Bad reception

This advantage is related to the previous one, perhaps it has happened to you that in a certain area the coverage on a line is better or worse. It may happen that even signal coverage is non-existent in some locality with one operator but with the other if you have.

But if you have a dual sim phone you can have better coverage in areas where it is difficult to reach the signal. Surely at this point you will have been encouraged to have a double sim phone due to the advantages it offers. Well on eBay you can find good deals on models that start from the high end to the low end that you can take advantage of.

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How to program 2 different ringtones for your dual sim phone?

Now that you know what are the advantages of having a dual sim phone, we will show you how to program two different call tones. In this way, when you have a phone of this type or if you already have it, you will know how to configure this very useful option.

Step 1

Go to the Phone setting, just look in the application drawer and after entering there we go down to the option “sound and vibration” . After entering there, go to the “Ringtone” section and activate the option “Set ringtone for each sim”.

Step 2

Once you activate the option, the section will allow you to choose which tone you will use for each sim , just select the default tones or the songs you want. Ready, if you followed all these steps, you will already have the option configured correctly and you will have a ringtone for each number.

Do you need to have 2 phone numbers but don’t have a dual sim phone? Creating a virtual phone number is a good option.

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