How to Put or Insert Decimals with a Point or Comma in Excel Automatically

The use of tools that allow us to create necessary spreadsheets in our accounting work is becoming more and more necessary . And Microsoft puts the Excel program at your service in its office suite.

How to Put or Insert Decimals with a Point or Comma in Excel Automatically

Which is widely used for its different functions, with which we can create tables, pie charts and enter formulas that allow us to perform calculations just by entering the data. But this time we will show you how to automatically put or insert decimals with a semicolon in Excel .

There are a large number of functions that we do not have the slightest idea that they exist and which we can access through the application’s tools menu . One of them for example will allow us to make a Gantt chart . But unfortunately since we used Excel, we have been performing the same operations manually.

But not only when it comes to entering or inserting decimal points, we do it repeatedly with other expressions, such as when taking grade point average . Totally unaware that this operation can be performed automatically. So let’s not wait any longer and see what step we must follow to be able to automatically put a decimal point or comma in Excel.

    Why insert a point or decimal bed in your spreadsheet

    When we are working on a spreadsheet and handling a large volume of data, it is necessary to be able to simplify repetitive processes. This so that our work is faster and does not become something tedious. Therefore, being able to automatically enter decimal points or commas usually saves us a lot of time.

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    That can be translated into hours that we save to use it in other areas of our spreadsheet . We have already mentioned repeatedly that the options that allow us to streamline our project are there. It is only necessary that you know them and this is the purpose of this article, make them known so that you can put them into practice at this time.

    Steps to automatically insert decimal point in Excel

    We will be able to verify that inserting or putting it as a decimal in an Excel spreadsheet automatically is very simple. You just have to follow the next step and you will have no problem for this function to apply. To begin, you will need to open the Microsoft Excel program and then go to the top ribbon and click on the “File” tab.

    In this case we are working with the version of Microsoft Excel 2007, the next step is to click on “Options”. What will you locate in the left panel, when you perform this option, other options will be displayed in this same left panel. Next you must click on the “Advanced” option and this action will generate a menu of options on the right side.

    All these options have a check box and we must look for the option “Automatically insert a decimal point”. Which should not be marked, therefore it is necessary that we first mark this option.

    This to be enabled and to be able to modify the “Decimal positions” , then we must indicate to how many positions the decimal point or point will be inserted. To finish we will only need to click on the OK option. In this way the dialog box will be closed and the changes that we have just made will be applied.

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    In this simple way you have automatically inserted the decimal point or comma in your Excel spreadsheet. And in this way this practical tutorial culminates, very easy to apply, both how to make an income and expense control sheet with templates for companies.

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