How to Put and Remove Read-Only Mode in a Word Document

How to Put and Remove Read-Only Mode in a Word Document

Over the years, Word has been and has remained the most famous and used text editor in the world , being available for both Windows and Mac. Its latest version came out in 2019.

It was originally developed for IBM computers with the DOS operating system . The first version of this program for the Windows operating system was released in 1989.

How to use Word and its documents?

The platform of this program is extraordinarily simple and intuitive . You can work with virtually all types of text file extensions . With selection tools for margins, indents, line spacing, font size, a wide variety of fonts, styles for your text such as bold , italic or underline .

Insert images , graphs, tables, auto correct, optimal word search, among many other functions. As more versions came out (every 2 or 3 years), improvements were made to its platform and other functionalities, complementing and perfecting it .

use Word and your documents

Within the wide menu of options and functions that this platform contains, something really interesting emerged: the reading mode.

This function was implemented in its 2013 version, thinking about the concentration of its users : those in charge of writing a long text, whose perfection depended on the attention they paid when verifying the content line by line.

Enable reading mode in Word

The reading mode function in Word consists of hiding the toolbar , changing the interface of this program and offering a different view of the document , in which you will not be able to write, delete or edit the text. Just read .

  • To activate the reading mode, you just have to locate the option View (or View ) in the taskbar, located at the top of your screen.
  • Once you click on this option, it will show you, in turn, four menus: frames, change windows, window, zoom, show and of course, view .
  • Within Vista , it offers a number of other options: outline, draft, print design, web design and finally, the reading mode .
  • By selecting this last option, as soon as you click, the document interface will change.
  • Once you are in reading mode, Word will show 2 pages of the enlarged document on your screen , you can modify the zoom settings if you wish … nothing more.
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Disable reading mode in Word

Removing it is much easier still . You simply have to press ” esc ” on your keyboard or select the ” View ” option at the top of your screen and click on the ” Edit document ” option to return to the traditional Word interface and continue editing your document to make corrections. necessary.

Other function for reading mode

The reading mode Word was designed for you to concentrate when you read a text or a colleague has written, and make sure you do not need modifications offering a view that allows read in detail.

If you don’t want anyone else to edit the document, you can restrict its editing by activating the read-only mode . In this way, all those people to whom you send or download the document, will only be able to read or copy it.

Another function for reading mode
  • To activate it, you must go to the Review option and within the menu that will be displayed along the toolbar, you will get the option to ” Restrict Edition “.
  • Once you have clicked on this option, a menu with different restriction options will be displayed on the right side of your screen: format and editing restrictions.
  • After selecting the Editing Restrictions option, click on the last button found in the Start applying section and voila, your document will be protected.

Disable read-only mode to edit original document, not possible. Although at the time of opening the document, a strip will appear in which it gives you the option to ” Disable read-only mode “.

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This action will not provide you with the original document but a copy of the document, which you can modify and save with a different name. After this, you can apply the autosave function to avoid losing all your progress in the document

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