How to prevent my mobile memory from filling up with WhatsApp Photos and Videos

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most important tools of the last decade, significantly helping in the fight for digital globalization, cutting distances instantly through all kinds of electronic devices, with a wide range of tools. to make the communication process totally optimal and more interactive.

It is no coincidence that of all the instant messaging services WhatsApp is the most popular, as it is a totally multiplatform tool that has browser versions or applications to open WhatsApp Web from a computer in a few steps, to make its use more comfortable for those users who work more than anything by this electronic means.

Recently, this wonderful instant messaging service has been perfectly adapted to the needs not only of the public but of both large and small companies with its new version of WhatsApp Business to promote the business and communicate with customers effectively, offering the option to publish a catalog and make automatic messages.

In this way, WhatsApp has managed to become the preferred tool for all types of enterprises and work environments , with more and more free tools. Recently, the option to stop receiving WhatsApp messages without blocking contact was added with vacation mode for when you want to take a break from your work or business.

And despite having the small disadvantage of not having its own electronic cloud storage platform to store files like Telegram and other competitors, WhatsApp has not been affected by this by allowing WhatsApp photos, videos and chats to be synchronized with Dropbox and with any other type of similar services such as Google Drive or MEGA.

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Therefore, we must bear in mind that being a communication tool for daily and constant use, the information and files that accumulate in the internal storage of the mobile device by WhatsApp is substantial. For that reason, with today’s article we hope to teach you how to prevent the memory of a mobile from filling up with WhatsApp photos and videos.

    Prevent phone memory from filling up with WhatsApp files

    It is totally logical and expected that due to the constant use that is usually given to WhatsApp, the memory of the device is usually filled with all kinds of photos, videos, GIFs, documents and even text messages take up space on the device. So periodic reviews are absolutely essential.

    If you have a mobile device that has an Android operating system, the easiest way to prevent your internal storage from filling up with WhatsApp files is through the same application settings , without the need for external applications.

    Open the application and select the three points on the right hand side in the upper corner, then go to Settings> Data and storage> In the Download with mobile data section uncheck all the options as in Download with WiFi , in this way all the files that are sent to you will have to download them manually to save space.

    While on an iPhone device, open the application and in the lower right area go to Settings> Data and storage> Automatic file download and select the option of Never.

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    Other options available to save storage space

    It is recommended to erase or move to the external memory of the device , if you have one, the old WhatsApp files that are no longer useful or are taking up space for important reasons for other applications. You can do this through periodic reviews by connecting your equipment to a computer or using an application to explore files on your mobile.

    It is also recommended to moderate the way you use WhatsApp , since the files and audios you send are also stored on your device. You can start with sending text instead of audio, and share files via cloud instead of the app to save space.

    Finally and as we mentioned previously in the article, you can synchronize WhatsApp files with a virtual storage service to save all files.

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