How to Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger to Stop Seeing Their Posts

Without a doubt Facebook is the most popular social network in the world , probably few people you know who do not use this powerful tool or have an account in it, since to connect with all kinds of people, Facebook is the ideal place not only being a communication tool but also a complementary tool for all social areas.

Being then, the main social tool to give updates on the events that occur in your life and be aware of your acquaintances, regardless of their distance. With a wide range of tools where you can change your status or sentimental situation on Facebook so that your acquaintances keep in touch with you.

How to Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger to Stop Seeing Their Posts

Similarly, Facebook has a wide range of tools to adapt to your tastes and needs of the moment so that you can express what you think without any fear of censorship, simply by removing the option to share on Facebook in particular cases where you do not feel in the mood to talk with others.

Keep in mind that Facebook can become addictive and consume a lot of time a day that can impede your productivity. However, Facebook is not there to ruin your life but to facilitate it, for that reason you can activate the silent mode of the platform to deactivate notifications that may interrupt your production during business hours or meetings.

There is not an option that Facebook does not have available to its users, as it is a totally cross-platform application. Especially for mobile devices where they have one, a lite version to save space and versions that are only for the messaging service with all its tools and also in a lite version.

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Therefore, it is totally understandable that Facebook is the social network of choice today, despite doubts regarding their privacy and the sale of personal information, the largest number of users continue to use Facebook.

So with that in mind, it is absolutely necessary to know how to handle yourself within said platform so as not to lose contact with people or opportunities that can be presented online. Therefore, with today’s article we hope to teach you how to silence someone on Facebook Messenger to stop seeing their publications, with a tutorial that is totally easy to understand.

    On many occasions when we are browsing on Facebook, the publications of certain acquaintances make us heavy, either because they publish content very often, things that do not interest you or that personally offend you or your personal beliefs. However, we do not want to delete these contacts entirely due to being known on some personal level.

    In cases like this, Facebook offers its users the option to mute particular contacts , either permanently or for a period of 30 days. You can easily mute this person just by logging into Facebook and then their profile.

    In any publication of this, click on the three points in the upper right corner to open a drop-down menu of options where you will have the following available: Save link, activate notifications for this publication, hide publication, pause contact for 30 days, leave to keep in touch and get help or report publication.

    While on the other hand, Facebook also has the option to silence those contacts who write to you regularly and do not want to talk to them , so that the notifications do not bother you and in turn, you do not have to delete the person due to any personal reason.

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    To make this option within the application, you only have to enter the conversation with the person you are going to silence, tap on their name to open the drop-down menu of options, among which you will have the following available to avoid contact: Mute conversation , ignore messages and block.

    By silencing the conversation you will still receive messages but not notifications , by ignoring messages they will go directly to the filtered requests and by blocking, you will completely remove the contact from Facebook.

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