How to Move or Put the Google Chrome Address Bar Down or at the Bottom

Society as we know it today and all the progress and evolution that we have had in a short time would not be possible without the internet, the most important tool of this century , which has digitized and globalized the world to connect us regardless of distance, save us time in all kinds of activities and increase our productivity with endless tools.

In particular, thanks to the browsers that allow you to enter and download all kinds of content while storing your information and synchronizing between various personal devices, as is the case with Google Chrome.

How to Move or Put the Google Chrome Address Bar Down or at the Bottom

Google Chrome is the official Google browser and the most popular in the update for that same reason, in addition to complementing the rest of Google’s tools in a symbiotic way for the user’s comfort. In this way, you can configure and set Google Chrome as the default home page and customize it according to your particular tastes.

Being a multiplatform tool, this allows you to create an account in Google Chrome to synchronize the browsing data between all your personal devices, in order to save time when using the browser by always having your private browsing data available, as it has been. browser settings, history and passwords for other accounts.

And in case Google Chrome is not yet your default browser and you want to change to this, you will not have to start from scratch with all your personal settings , since it allows you to import and export bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox to Chrome so that your browsing preferences can automatically move between browsers in no time.

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It is also important to mention that Google Chrome also has an official extension store to add new tools to the browser that can complement your day-to-day in all kinds of creative ways , with the intention of making the browsing process easier and more entertaining throughout. moment, according to your personal preferences.

For these reasons, Google Chrome has been maintained as the most widely used browser today, adapting to the needs of the user no matter how particular they are, and allowing you to easily customize the browser as you wish. For that reason, today we will show you how to move or put the Google Chrome address bar down or at the bottom.

    Move the address bar to the bottom

    As we mentioned previously, one of the great advantages of Google Chrome over the rest of its direct competitors is the way it allows you to customize your platform. Particularly for smartphone users, where it is recommended to move the address bar to the bottom to make it more comfortable for the user’s fingers.

    In order to customize the design of the browser, you must make sure that you have the application updated to its latest version available. Then open your browser and enter “chrome: // flags” in the address bar to open the Chrome for Android experiment window and a warning message.

    Select the three points in the right hand corner to open the menu and enter “Search on the page”, where you are going to write “Chrome Home” to enter Chrome Home Android and check the “Enable” option , then restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

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    Move the address bar back to the top

    In case you are not comfortable with the changes made to the address bar and you don’t know how to move it back without resetting the browser settings by default, you can follow the directions below and in no time you will be able to undo the changes.

    Enter the Chrome browser and in the address bar enter “chrome: // flags”, then in the search bar search for “Home” and you will see that Chrome Home is enabled by default, remove this option and you can return to change the Chrome home page to the default default.

    To finish the process, tap on the “RELAUNCH NOW” button to restart the browser and then enter “chrome: // restart” to restart the browser application on the mobile device completely.

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