How to Make, Set, Edit and Schedule Reminders or Messages in Slack

It will always be very substantial to be able to get the best out of social networks or applications that we have on our device, a benefit that is advantageous and generates good results when we are working.

It is important to mention that in Slack you can share or send GIF images , but you can also configure, edit and schedule reminders or messages.

How to Make, Set, Edit and Schedule Reminders or Messages in Slack

Next we are going to explain how you have to do to perform these functions in Slack, but first we are going to share a brief explanation about what Slack is, what it is for and what are the advantages or benefits of its use.

    Definition of Slack, its usefulness and operation?

    If we are talking about Slack, it is essential to be able to understand what it is and what it is for, Slack can be defined as a social network that serves so that people or their users can carry out a work organization.

    But why a labor organization? Because by saying that it is an application it can be compared with Telegram, only that unlike Telegram, Slack seeks to be able to communicate to people through the same working channels.

    This means that the App serves to share messages to a specific person or group, it has the advantage of being able to create messages or reminders to be able to keep a good organization or a good work schedule, which means that it works like a kind of agenda.

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    A kind of agenda in which individual or group reminders can be created, just as information can be saved individually or shared with one or more people.

    Set up, edit, and schedule reminders or messages in Slack

    If you have Slack, it is very likely that you want to know what are the steps to make, configure, edit and schedule reminders or messages, or there is the possibility that you think that doing this type of thing is complicated, but in reality it is as simple as organizing and personalizing the Slack sidebar.

    How to perform the message and reminder settings

    To make a reminder or message in Slack the first thing you should do is start the application, once you start the App, on the main page you will find the icon of the Slack logo, you must select that icon so that several options.

    The option that you must select later is the one that refers to ‘Set reminder’, after you select that option you will have to indicate the date, time and message you want to remember, finally you select create and the message or reminder is ready .

    Edit reminder or message

    If the message or reminder has already been created, editing it is very simple, you just have to look for the message or reminder already created and configured, to select it, once you select it you will be able to edit it, the edits or modifications that you will be able to make are: change the date, time or message that you have already created.

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    Steps to do the programming

    If what you want is to program the message or reminder again, what you have to do is look for the message that you already have created.

    If you want to program it, it means that it is already created, you only have to select the message or reminder so that in the options you will get several configurations and you can select the one that says ‘remember this’ and immediately you can customize the programming to define what you want to do with the message.

    Advantages and benefits of using Slack

    Slack is an application, social network or software, whatever you want to call it better, that offers many advantages and good benefits, despite not being used by a huge number of users, it provides very specific and beneficial utilities.

    An advantage is that it can be used on the phone through the application or on the computer through the software and you can even use it on the phone and on the computer without any problems.

    Its use is safe, you can change the URL of your profile if you wish and the greatest benefit is that it will become a tool that will help you share your messages and organize your activities.

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