How to make my cell phone battery charge faster?

Today we are going to see how to make my cell phone battery charge faster . The mobile battery was always a problem in terms of autonomy. But another drama is when we are going to charge the device. How long can it take? Hours? Learn how to charge your mobile faster below.

We cannot deny that it is very important that you learn how to save battery life on your cell phone. However, at some point you will have to load it. New phones generally come with the ability to perform quick charges or Quick Charge.

This fast charge allows us in a matter of minutes to have the phone back to 100% of its capacity . However, older devices don’t come with this feature and many of today’s phones don’t.

So we will review several tips that will surely be quite useful so that you can improve the speed of charging your battery . In this way you save a lot of time and you can quickly use your phone again without having to be next to a plug for several hours.

They are quite simple tips but once applied, you will notice a difference when charging your cell phone battery.

How to make my cell phone charge the battery faster

Airplane mode

A classic trick, to say the least. When activating airplane mode all kinds of connection are deactivated . You cannot receive calls, or anything similar. This means that you are consuming less device resources which makes it load much faster.

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The positive thing about airplane mode is that we can leave Wi-Fi activated in case we need it and it will continue to consume less battery. It is even a good way to save battery when we are somewhere with Wi-Fi connection in case you do not need to make or receive calls.

Turn off the phone

Obviously if we want it to charge as quickly as possible what we can do is turn it off. In this way the phone, for obvious reasons, will not be consuming any power at all.

In this way we can load it extremely fast by not having any kind of active connection in it.

Don’t charge it by USB

While we can use a USB connection to a computer to charge the phone. The truth is that the charging speed is considerably lower compared to using the charger plug.

In case you have no alternative but to use USB, then we recommend putting the device in airplane mode or turning it off for a while.

How to charge my mobile phone battery faster

Avoid high temperatures

The higher the temperature, the longer it will take to charge the phone. Many devices have a system to control the heat that they generate. When it begins to take temperature, the device begins to ” try ” to control what it consumes energy.

Always the official charger

It is not only advisable to use the official charger to extend the life of the battery . If not, it will charge the device in less time than if you decide to use an alternative charger.

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Fast charge

There are chargers that allow us to charge the phone in a matter of minutes. The problem is that not all devices are prepared to support this class of chargers. So you should carefully inform yourself on the subject before purchasing one because you can end up seriously damaging the phone.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to learn how to make my cell phone battery charge faster . If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave it a little further down in the comment box.

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