How to Make and Edit a Time Lapse with my Android Mobile – Best Apps to Do It

Until recently, we believed that the possibility of making high-quality videos and videos a little different from the rest was minimal. But thanks to technological advances and new features of mobile phones, today we can take photo portraits, landscape photos, structural photos and even time Lapse.

It happens that this is a function that very few phones have built-in from the factory, of course, this does not limit to mid-range or low-range phones when making this type of videos. So, based on what we have mentioned, today we are going to explain everything related to time Lapse.

What are Time Lapse?

If we are guided by the translation of the word, this means a video in fast motion. This type of video can be done in two different ways:

  1. Through native applications of the mobile device itself
  2. Use third party applications

This of course depending on the availability and the tools that the mobile phone or application allows. However, it is possible to make time lapse videos directly by recording an event in video format or to make a common crime lapse to your photoshoot. Of course, to do the latter, you have to learn to edit photos in massive batches at the same time.

What do you need to do a Time Lapse?

To make a time lapse from an Android mobile device , you have to meet or have the following requirements:

  • That your mobile device has a native function built into the camera.
  • Configure the appropriate parameters or intervals depending on the speed you want to obtain.
  • A support for mobile phones that allows you to have the device fixed and not moved by external agents.
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Basically it is a very similar configuration to when you want to take good night photos with a mobile or cell phone . The difference is that the parameters to choose from are completely different and the operation of your mobile’s camera will not be the same as the photos.

Use third party applications

Frame Lapse

Among the options that this application allows, you have the possibility to choose which will be the duration of the interval of the photographs. Similarly, you can choose the speed of the video you want to record. This means that the same application allows you to h. In addition, you can also determine what the duration of the video will be.

Super lapse

This is another of the available Android applications that you can use. Thanks to the function, you can choose what the resolution of your final video will be, export the video in mp4 format with great image quality, adjust white balances, implement filters, add music, among others.

Steps you must take to make a Time Lapse

1. Choose the recording interval

If you are going to use the camera and native functions of your phone , you have to understand how it works. To do this, you must take into account the speed or movement of what you want to record.

That is, if you want to record the movement of the clouds or the sunset, you must have an interval that allows you to record many frames per second , this is known as the FPS. For slow movements, that of a sunset, you have to choose a very high FPS setting, so that you can get a lot of photos in a second.

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If you are going to take a time lapse of something that is moving at a speed that the human eye can perfectly perceive (that is, that the person can detect the movement), the interval setting of the photos has to be very low.

2. Adjust the video parameters and start recording

This will depend on the objective you want to record. In such a way, that making a time Lapse of a dancing person will be completely different from doing a time Lapse of a sunset , the parameters will vary. If your method to make this video is through photos, you can perfectly make a video with a photo that includes background music , although there are applications that allow you to do all this.

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