How to Lock and Password Protect My Chats on Tinder for No One to Read

Applications to meet friends and potential partners are booming today reaching record users, motivated by the current pandemic. And one of those that has not lost the place of honor in terms of preference is undoubtedly Tinder.

That unleashed controversy for its peculiar way of matching users, but every day it gains more followers. But many who have created a Tinder account want to protect their privacy. And it is for this reason that we are going to teach how you can lock and password protect your chats so that no one can read them on Tinder.

Tinder is a dating platform that allows you to get a match in a short time, this through an evolution of the data you provide when registering. Being able to also show the possible couples that are near your residential area. This is one of the reasons why this application is so successful, being emulated by others as well.

But unfortunately not many people or Tinder users want their friends or family to know that they use this application and that is why they hide it on their mobile . And therefore they would also like no one to have access to the messages that they share with other users in this way. And if this is your case, we will explain how to password protect Tinder chats.

How to password lock Tinder chats

Next we will show you what you can do to lock your Tinder chats with a password , but to carry out this task we are going to use an App. Which will allow us to add the protection you need to our conversations and in this way nobody can read them if you don’t have the password.

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The tool that we will use is called Application Lock that will work in a special way with Tinder. Although you can use it with any other that you need to protect with passwords and it will offer you different types of locks.

In order to use this application you must enter the Google virtual store and from the Play Store you must download and install. Once this step is completed you must open it to enter its simple and intuitive graphical interface. The App will offer you 3 different ways to block the application that you want.

You can choose between the touch pattern, enter a password or 4-digit PIN code or choose the fingerprint. You can only use the latter if your mobile device supports this type of biometric security. And in this way you will be able to password protect your Tinder chats so that nadir can read them.

Another application that you can use to protect your chats

There is another very effective tool that will help you password protect Tinder chats and it is the APK of Lock. It also offers different patterns to block the application that you want and thus prevent someone else from using it and viewing its content. Therefore it is ideal to use on this type of platform.

So just like we did with the previous application, in order to use it you must enter the Play Store and download. Then you must install it and open the application, its simplicity is overwhelming and its use does not need further explanation. Choose the App you want to protect and select the blocking method you want to use.

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You have the fingerprint lock, the touch pattern lock and the password lock, select and lock, that easy, that fast. And in this way you have locked the Tinder chats with a password so that no one can read them.

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