How to Live Stream on Instagram From Windows PC or Mac with Another Person

This time we want to provide you with information so that you know what are the steps you must follow to be able to broadcast live on Instagram from your computer, it can be Windows or Mac and the transmission can be done with another person.

Instagram offers good advantages, because it offers the ease of uploading stories to Instagram from your PC and the convenience of being able to broadcast with other people from your computer, regardless of whether the operating system is Windows or you are working from a Mac.

How to Live Stream on Instagram From Windows PC or Mac with Another Person

    What is a live broadcast on Instagram?

    Instagram is a social network that can offer you great utilities in the field of communication, it has the power to bring together and communicate a person, the so-called ‘Influencers’ with a very wide audience. Live broadcasts have helped a lot for that person who is creating content to have a more realistic approach with their followers.

    So what is an Instagram live broadcast? It is an option provided by the App so that through a video you can communicate the content you want to show instantly to the people who are connected with you in the ‘Live’ at that moment.

    A live transmission on Instagram from the computer, it is as if you were making a video call on Instagram from the PC , you are going to sit in front of the camera, just like in a television studio, activate the transmission option and you will start transmitting in real time, that is to say live and direct.

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    Which means that if you are looking for a way to create original content, in real time to be able to interact live with your followers at the same time , the perfect alternative is a live broadcast on Instagram.

    Advantages of live broadcasts on Instagram

    Instagram offers many advantages and disadvantages , but among the advantages of doing live broadcasts, you will find easy access and approach to interact with your followers and even to monetize your account through broadcasts.

    Steps to be able to broadcast live on Instagram from Windows PC or Mac with another person

    The steps to be able to broadcast live on Instagram from a PC whether you are working with Windows or Mac are very simple, it is all about knowing the best tricks to work correctly, in the same way that there are tricks to work with There are Instagram Reels to work with the live ones.

    Steps to make a transmission from the computer

    To be able to do a live broadcast of Instagram from the PC, either alone or with another person, the first thing you will need is to download and install the OBS Studio Software on your PC.

    Once you have the Software installed on the PC, you must open the program to be able to make the necessary configurations, the first fundamental configuration is to be able to adjust the screen of the program, with the same screen size that Instagram offers, for that you select where it says’ Settings ‘then in the window that opens you have to select where it says’ Video’ to change the resolution to 750 x 1334.

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    The second step is to look for a web page that can offer you an RTMP key after you log in with your Instagram username and password, that key is the one that will serve you to be able to do the live broadcast, on the web you will find many pages that generate an RTMP key, you will work with the one of your preference, it can be paid or free.

    Having the RTMP key, you have to copy it so that in the part of ‘Settings’ in OBS where it says ‘Emission’ you can paste the retransmission key that the RTPM key page has provided you.

    As you already have all the configurations ready, all you have to do is click where it says ‘Start transmission’ , it will immediately start the live transmission from your PC, if you want another person to also be in the transmission, you have to send a request to join the live and the moment you accept it they will both be in the transmission.

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