How to Know Who Saw Your WhatsApp Status in Hidden Mode (Example)

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It’s great that you can share your daily activities with your friends and family. All thanks to the status of WhatsApp, and well, also of some other social network. But, surely you are curious to know who saw your WhatsApp status . The process that we will teach you is very simple, and will allow you to discover who is most interested in your daily life. Maybe you should talk more with them, and not so much with those who pass on the content you decide to publish.

Who has seen my WhatsApp Status

The only thing you should keep in mind is that there is a method to view WhatsApp status without being seen . In case any of your contacts apply it, it would be preventing you from realizing if they see yours or not. Either way, not many know about it, so you can keep reading this article, it will be useful to you.

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Paying attention to the people who see your statuses, will let you realize if they are (the statuses) really interesting for the people you love. In case you have a special person, and you want to know if they are aware of you , what you should do is learn a few steps. Do not be disappointed if he does not see you, take it as a “tip” to go the other way in your content.

You cannot continue without having your mobile phone in hand, and with the application of. Those are the only requirements, as it is not necessary to download any additional programs , and the knowledge required is minimal, limited to handling the device.

What are WhatsApp statuses?

Before answering this question, you may be interested in knowing what WhatsApp is and what it works for . It is the most downloaded instant messaging application for smartphone (smartphone) in the world . It has a figure of more than 1,500 million users, spread all over the planet.

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Of course, such a dominant application in the field of messaging could not be from another company than the multimillionaire Facebook. Those who innovated by adding the “states” feature, among the many functionalities of the app.

When we talk about uploading WhatsApp statuses , we mean videos, gifs and images that are shared for 24 hours, and then automatically deleted. We can publish as many as we want, and they will be shown as a “reel”, in which the contacts are progressing. The only limitation is that the videos cannot be longer than 30 seconds; if they are longer, they must be climbed in parts.

Once you are clear about all these characteristics, it is time to move on to discover how to know who saw your WhatsApp statuses . The process is fast, you can check the views at any time, without inconvenience.

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How to know who saw your WhatsApp status?

The moment you want to know who has seen your statuses, you simply have to take your mobile phone and follow the following steps. It is assumed that, as we pointed out above, you already have the application installed .

You will also need to have posted a status , at a minimum. It can be of any type (photo, video or gif).

You will gently slide the main screen of WhatsApp (in which the conversations with your contacts appear), from right to left. Now you will have gone to the STATUS tab , and you will see that at the top there is a thumbnail that says my status .

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At this point, what remains is to press the three horizontally oriented points , which are located on the right of the screen. When you do, a window is displayed with all the statuses you have published, the time of publication, and the number of people who saw it.

There you will have to select the state that interests you , which will open. Finally, you will slide your finger gently, from the bottom up , and a window will appear that will show who saw your WhatsApp status. Don’t worry, no one will know that you are noticing that.

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