How to Know or Detect if a Photo of a Person is Fake on WhatsApp

Since it became normal to have internet service in practically all homes, chat and instant messaging services have been essential for the development of society and to help reduce distances through the web. Specifically, through services such as WhatsApp that have been providing communication options to their users for more than a decade.

How to Know or Detect if a Photo of a Person is Fake on WhatsApp

As it is one of the main communication tools today , the use of it becomes constant, which can accumulate a large number of junk and temporary files on the computer, thus clearing and cleaning the cache memory of WhatsApp to free up space is essential for the application to work without any inconvenience.

Although it can be a tedious problem within the device, it has internal tools to be solved in a short time manually, and in case you are interested in carrying out these processes automatically you can download one, which serves not only to free up space in a application but also for the whole team in general.

Being a tool with so many advantages and simple solutions to problems that it may present, WhatsApp has become an application for daily use to communicate with all your contacts, known or unknown.

It is important to highlight this last point, with the globalization that tools such as WhatsApp have brought, it is increasingly common to talk with people we have not met in person, and on many occasions we do not have how to check if these people are who they say they are. For that reason, we will teach you how to know or detect if a photo of a person is false on WhatsApp.

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    Detect fake photos on WhatsApp

    One of the most common problems on the web today are people using fake profiles, either for innocent reasons as we have seen programs like Catfish or for blackmail reasons. Fortunately, there are several recommendations to follow to detect fake photos manually , as well as tools to facilitate the work.

    Manually, the best way to detect fake photos is through common sense , if you have doubts ask the person for a photo doing a particular pose, if they tell you that their camera is damaged, you should probably start to suspect.

    Second, check their social networks and particularly their contacts or interactions with friends to confirm that they do have real contacts and not just other people who are also being deceived. In case he tells you that he does not use social networks, it is another reason to suspect that he is someone fake.

    While to automatically confirm with web tools to detect if a photo is false or of another person , since nowadays you can never be very cautious, you can use the following services to check that you are not dealing with a false profile.

    • Forensically: Through the tools of this service, you will be able to analyze a WhatsApp photo and any minimum detail of it, such as possible changes by editing, if the photo was cloned or contains some type of filter.
    • TinEye: Unlike Forensically, with this service you can perform a reverse search of the photo online to find similar images and find the origin of it.
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    • EXIFdata: While with this web service you will be able to see all the metadata of a photo , such as its original resolution, the photo code, the camera with which it was taken and if it was edited by a program.

    Other options to detect fake photos on WhatsApp

    In addition to web tools, you can use less drastic options such as requesting a voice note, recently WhatsApp added the option to record and send voice notes with BlueTooth hands-free, so it is increasingly accessible for everyone to be able to perform this function. without any problem.

    Another option that you can take into account is to invite this person to a video call, in case they do not feel comfortable with that, you can even invite them to a group video call from PC or mobile, since in the current era practically everyone has available the option to make a video call so that your identity can be fully verified.

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